(belated)Mother’s Day & Reminiscing My Youth


That is my favorite picture of my mom & me.  Who knows what I am pouting or upset about, but all this picture shows is the love I have for my mother, and she has for me in return.  I wasn’t able to spend this Mother’s Day with my mom this year now that I live 700+ miles away, but I called & wished her a happy day, but this pic says more than I can…


I’m not 100% if this is even me (no date on the pic & since you can’t see the groin area to determine if it’s even a girl or my brother) but I’m going to go with it like it’s me, freshly entered into this world!

My (fur)Mommy’s Day was good.  Carl had the day off from baseball, so he took me out to lunch to a local fave—known for their delish home cookin’ meals.  Since it was his first day off since Christmas practically, he wanted to hit some golf balls at the local driving range.  I’m not big on this, but since he Lola gave me a (fur)Mother’s Day card, I figure I could let him go hit a bucket of balls for a bit while I caught up on some reading with my NOOK.  I know we live down south now, but this driving range was beyond country…

Photo May 13, 1 08 15 PM

Those are barrels with the distance spray painted on them…yeah, like I said-country y’all.

Anyways, once I scanned in the pics of my mom & me, I found a few other winners from my childhood. What better way to start off a Monday than with some pics from the past…enjoy my embarrassment.


Pretty sure I took scissors to my own bangs here…at least I hope that’s why they look like that.


Such a fashionista already in my sundress.


Of course, if you had an older sibling (same sex) you always had to match coordinating outfits from Kelly’s Kids.


I did not tolerate clothes very long at this age.


This is my sister’s & mine relationship captured in a photo: Katie, devilishly laughing at my pain/fear.  I’m 99% sure she either told me something terrible or his pulling my hair moments to this picture being taken.


Then my little best friend was born: little brother.  Don’t you just love my serial killer glasses I’m sporting? No clue…

girlsBeach (2)

Proof I was born a total ham.


Yes, we are in fact riding on the “special bus”—blackmail material at it’s finest.

Photo May 14, 10 01 21 AM

Skip ahead to present day, & this is what I get when I’m staying up past 9 o’clock (bedtime) this past weekend watching The X-Files on Netflix…she was ready to hit the hay.

Happy Monday!


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