Baby Season?

Is it just me, or does it seem that EVERYONE is getting knocked up lately? My Facebook news feed is about to O.D. with baby pics. Typically, I roll my eyes & scroll through them as quickly as possible because let’s be honest, you’ve seen one baby you’ve seen em’ all. And when another one of my friends post an announcement they are expecting I want to send them this ecard…


But last week while I was home, I met up with my best friend from high school & she is 4 months preggers. I think this might be the closest I get when it comes to having children, because I sure as shit don’t want any offspring & it scares the hell outta’ me to think of either of my siblings breeding, but I have to admit…I am slightly excited for her.

I know, I know Miss Anti-Baby is excited for her pregnant friend, what a hypocrite. But this is my B.F.F. since middle school & literally the only person I keep in touch with from high school (outside of Facebook) so it’s pretty exciting! When she called me up & told me a little over a month ago, I thought she was nuts. The last convo we had over Christmas break, she told me she didn’t think she & her hubs wanted kids—that they enjoyed having “nice things” & being able to enjoy life together. So when she hit me with the “I’m pregnant” bombshell, I about fell over. But getting together with her last week & seeing how different (in a new-mom kind of way) she is already, I was taken aback. She is IN LOVE with this child so much already, it’s overwhelming. Her husband even bought her a heartbeat monitor (similar here) so she can listen to her baby’s heartbeat anyall the time. She’s a bit OCD 😉 And the best news of all…IT’S A GIRL!!


I may be partial since I am one myself, but girls are so much more fun to buy for & spoil. I had to run immediately to TJ Maxx to find a little girly gift for the first baby I will be an “auntie” to. The Maxximus is awesome for baby stuff-super cute & super cheap. That’s my kind of shopping. It was nothing fancy, just a 5-pack of “Grow with Me” onesies 1 newborn, 2 3-months, & 2 6-months in a variety of pink, black & white prints & solids. I was surprised when my BF informed me it was the first baby gift she had received. She later told me that her dad was upset I was the first & so he had to run out & buy her something!

Today was a slow day at work so I was searching on for some cute baby shower stuff (gifts, ideas, crafts, themes, etc.). I texted my BF asking if I could do her invitations & help out in some way since I now live 700 miles away. She had told me when we were hanging out that she is throwing herself her own baby shower because we were literally each other’s’ only friends that are girls. She told me she would love for me to help & she will even still pay for everything, just wants the “Auntie Approval” & help with the shower 🙂 So now that’s kind of a lot of pressure on me! I immediately started BLOWING up esty & even finally broke down & requested an invite to Pinterest. I had been avoiding this because I don’t really understand the point of Pinterest, but now that I gotta throw together a one-time-only baby shower (she says she’s only giving birth once), I’m making use of every resource I can!

I absolutely despise the typical baby shower themes & beyond humiliating games & so does my BF, so this will be a chic/modern baby shower that I am actually having a blast planning & getting so many ideas together. I never understood the fun of party planning because when you see people on Reality T.V. shows doing it, they stress out like crazy & everything seems like a hassle. But I get it now—everything will be worth it in the end. Especially if this is the only baby my BF is going to have!

So far, we have only semi-settled on a date. I emailed her some (maybe too many!) ideas for themes & colors. Here’s some of my fav’s:


Ready to Pop” theme

With mini soda pops, variety of flavored popcorn bar, cake pops, etc.


Lavender & Lace” theme


“Southern Comfort” theme

(MY fav, not sure it’s so much the BF’s taste)


Coco Chanel” theme

Complete with a make your own fragrance bar & baby’s fragrance would be Carsyn No.1 (Like Chanel No.5, get it?) or it could be Carsyn No.6since my BF is a dog-mom to 5 fur-babies already.


Baby Bookworm” theme

I LOVED my mom reading me a book every night at bedtime. My BF is a smarty pants too, so I found this fitting for her. Plus, all guests already know what gift they can bring & each book will serve not only as décor but gift as well!

Who knows what we will decide on-I can’t even pick a favorite. Should be fun though! Hooray for the joys of being an “aunt!”


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