Marathon training, adult beverages, & adult male strippers

Been awhile since I’ve updated, so I figured I’d post to catch up & to start making myself accountable for marathon training posts.  Speaking of marathon training, it commences this Sunday! Eek!  I am nervous, excited, scared, & pumped.  I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not the best person in following through on certain things.  My sister & Carl give me a hard time for attempting new things & if I suck at the first attempt, I’m pretty quick to just give up.  But they say admitting your fault is the first step, so at least I’ve got that going for me.  All joking aside, I feel fairly confident I will see this training program through.  I mean, if there’s ever a day (& I’m sure there will be many) that I just don’t feel like completing that days activity, I’ve only got to tell myself two words: New York.  I’m in, the hotel is booked, flights are scheduled & (soon-to-be) booked, I’ve requested off from work—IT’S ON!  No backing down, no whining, no complaining, no quitting. I got this!

Sunday is an easy day anyways, swimming is on the calendar.  And since it’s supposed to be 105 degrees down here in L.A. (Lower Alabama), I think I can manage.  Here’s what my first month of training looks like.


And my overall training program I am following.  It’s via Hal Higdon’s Novice 2 program.


I’m currently reading his book on my Nook, Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide.  Good tips & advice throughout, but nothing that I didn’t really already know prior.  Good motivation, either way.

Other good motivation?  These  hard bodies.


Thank you, Gawd!  I’m skipping out of work a half hour to an hour early with a co-worker to go grab a few cocktails before heading off to see this beauty of a movie this evening. Whoop whoop!

Please check out my fundraiser page for the NYC Marathon!


4 thoughts on “Marathon training, adult beverages, & adult male strippers

    • Thanks, Maria! I know that’s the way my training went for the half & I managed to finish that! Helps that you’re training for a marathon during the same time too! 🙂

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