Heat Wave

First things first:  Magic Mike was to die for!  No lie.  All those gorgeous men, half-naked, gyrating & dancing! WHEW!  Magical indeed.  I just kept saying, “Yes, please!” to practically every striptease scene throughout the movie.  Channing Tatum is a God. Seriously, put down your stupid Fifty Shades of Grey book & go see this movie.  Totally worth your money.

Moving on…it’s suppose to be another scorcher here in Bama today-upwards of 104 degrees.  Needless to say, I’ll most likely be spending it indoors today.  Baby girl wanted some outside time this morning though before it got too hot, so we went out in the backyard to hang out & catch some rays while I ate my delish breakfast of Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt & Breakfast To Go granola mix.  Lola even scarfed her breakfast of kibble when we came in from outside, too.

Photo Jun 30, 9 50 20 AM

Earlier this week when I came home for lunch & let her out to explore the backyard, she wasn’t feeling it for some reason.  Sat out there while I made lunch in the kitchen like a bump on a log.  Photo Jun 28, 12 45 04 PM

So I was pretty happy this morning when she was running around & perky to be outside again. Then out of nowhere, this feeling of sadness just overcame me.  Seeing Lola so full of energy & happy made me really miss Pookie-all of a sudden.  I scooped up Lola & hugging her tight, I started to cry.  Pookie must have been watching down on us & I felt her.  Maybe that’s what gave Lola that extra boost of energy this morning 🙂

Onto less sappy things—Think I might do some yoga today to not be such a lazy piece of crap since my training starts tomorrow!!  Just swimming for a half hour, but still.  It will have started & there’s not turning back now.  Get excited!

Stay cool & safe out there today, folks.  Carl is at the ball field all day today so I hope he’s wearing sunscreen & keeping hydrated.  I’ll go check on him here soon & take him lunch.  Ta-ta for now!


3 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Love the pictures of her sitting in her beautiful backyard!! Maybe she was having a moment with Pookie!! I know exactly what you mean, I can even be busy doing things and all of a sudden, I just start bawlin’!!! I miss you girls so much!!

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