Another year older, another year wiser?

Monday was the big birthday…Two-Five. I can hardly say it without throwing up in my mouth a little bit. I realize it’s not really “old,” but seems just like yesterday that I was moving out of the dorms in college into my first apartment. But here I am–a Master’s degree, my first “home” (we’re renting), & 700 miles moved later. Man, how time flies.

Since my birthday fell on a Monday, it was already one up for being a sucky day, but I at least had the day off from work. I enjoyed my morning with my fur-child lounging watching #retroMTV with old re-runs of the first season of The Hills—talk about makin ya feel old. But it was nice to be able to enjoy a summer day/birthday like a lazy bum one last time.

I went to the local pool to swim laps for 30 minutes on Sunday & so I kept it up after The Hills wrapped up around 11AM Monday with toning –worked on the arms & abs for a total of 45 minutes before I, what felt like, ate all day long.

Carl & I grabbed lunch around 1:00PM at a local restaurant downtown. Nothing fancy, just a chicken salad sandwich. Didn’t want to be too full for birthday fro-yo! I of course got birthday cake flavored frozen yogurt! Carl made fun of me asking if I even got any fro-yo or if it was all fruit. I LOVE fruit. It was delish. The perfect birthday treat. No need for cake or cupcakes when you have a bomb little fro-yo joint in town.

When we came home to eat our treats, Carl gave me my birthday present which I was in total shock over. Mostly that he even got me anything. I never asked for anything nor do I really need anything (not to mention we can’t afford anything) so the gift he came up with was really surprising. I GOT A NEW CAMERA! I know this may not be a big deal to most of you, but I have always wanted a new camera & can never get myself to the point of feeling okay spending so much money on one. I have never bought a camera either (my first digital camera was given to me as Christmas present from my grandpa, & my second one was a freebie find in a bathroom at a frat house) but I had always wanted a new one. It’s nothing that I’m going to go off with & start a photography business, but it suits my needs just fine. Perfect for the NYC trip this fall! The boy done good. And you know when you get a new toy you immediately have to open it right then & start playing with it. So I did. Enjoy my amazing photog-skills. (Don’t be jealous)





We finished the evening with a trip to the movies to see Ted (it’s okay-typical Family Guy humor) where we indulged in a humongo bucket of popcorn & cherry Coke. Then topped it off with sushi afterwards. Nice combo, right? I know I’m weird, but it was what I was craving for my b-day. All in all a great day. Like I said previously, I’m not a fan of birthdays but I do enjoy the occasional treat-myself-days.

Onto the marathon training: yesterday (Tuesday) I got up at 5:30AM & went for the scheduled 3 mile run. It was pretty easy, but the humidity was intense already. Needless to say, it was a very sweaty run.

Today however, I slept in a bit because it was pretty foggy this morning around 5, so I headed out at 8 o’clock.  Wasn’t terribly hot yet, but humidity was already 99% so I tredged through the 5 miles.  Was not easy & was not fun, but I got em done.  Unfortunately, I have done something to my left hip.  It was killing me the last mile of today.  Even after icing, it isn’t much relief.  Hoping I have not done serious damage during my first week of training!


5 thoughts on “Another year older, another year wiser?

  1. Happy Late Birthday! 25 ain’t so bad. 😉

    Good luck on starting marathon training. I know I’m weird, but I love the schedule that training plans bring.

    • Thanks! Well, 25 isn’t off to the best start. My left hip is KILLING me today. Had to opt out of the 3 miles on the schedule for today-praying it’s nothing serious. The training schedule is rather addictive. I can see why you are training for your 2nd marathon 🙂

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