I got up at 5 yesterday morning to get my 3 miles in before the heat set in. I decided to switch up the routine & run on the baseball field on campus, which is covered in turf, thinking it might aid in some relief to my hip issues I’ve been struggling with lately. Sadly, that was not the case. I had to stop at about 2 miles to attempt to stretch it out, but I just can’t seem to find a stretch that targets deep enough to where I am feeling the pain. I managed to push through the last mile & get in some more stretching, seeking relief but to no avail.
This morning when my alarm went off at 5AM, my hip was already throbbing. I figure I shouldn’t push it & make it worse by running 5 miles, but I just feel so defeated already. I seriously am tearing up over not being able to run this morning. I hate the thought of taking more than 1 day off from training. Getting behind on my training schedule is the last thing I want to do & a thought that is haunting me. It’s not debilitating pain, it’s more of an “achy” feeling & a “tightness” that I just can’t seem to target. All the Googling research I’ve done all say the same thing: rest, ice, & NSAIDS. But I want to run!!! I threw an ice pack on my hip this morning while letting my hair dry after showering & it seemed to offer some relief, but as soon as I think it’s healing I run again & it’s back. Think I might just say screw it & push through the discomfort on my runs because I am determined to accomplish this challenge for myself.
I’m going to attempt some more glute, lower back, & ab strengthening exercises on my lunch break here in about an hour to hopefully offer some relief to my dilemma. It’s always something…


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