Party & B.S.

*I’m kind of in love with that song^ by Rita Ora*

Picking back up where I left off, I did NOT run my scheduled 9 miles last Friday morning before heading out of town. (WAH, WAH) I had not packed yet & I actually talked myself into giving my hip a rest to prevent from injuring myself further. And it seems to have been a good decision thus far.

Friday night was AMAZING!!! E & I arrived in Atlanta & it started to heavily downpour, so we decided to hit up happy hour at a close-by T.G.I. Friday’s to kill time & ride out the storm 3+ hours until the concert. Needless to say, come 7:30PM when my sister finally arrived to meet up with us, we were having a blast!

Photo Jul 13, 7 32 25 PM Photo Jul 13, 7 37 20 PM Photo Jul 13, 8 12 55 PM

I got to see my hubby, Mark!

Photo Jul 19, 1 43 14 PM

So fine! He was so entertaining & Sugar Ray was by far the best performance of the night (even though I might be a little biased). I was “that girl” screaming at the top of her lungs, uber excited—picture all those old scenes of girls in the crowd at Beatles concerts back in the day.

Seriously though, if this tour is coming anywhere near close to you, I highly recommend you snag a ticket & enjoy yourself. Especially if you are a child of the 90’s like myself. So many good hits to sing along to.

Saturday morning, E & I said goodbye to my sis & made the (eternal) drive to Savannah, GA. This drive honestly felt like it would never end. But alas, it did & we took no down time to rest. Greeted our bestie, K with hugs, threw our crap in our guest room, changed into swimsuits, & headed out-adult beverages in hand, of course. We hung out all afternoon at one of K’s acquaintances house on the inter-coastal waterway. Nothing fancy, but dude had an in-ground pool so, that’s basically all I need to have a good time.

Around sunset, we headed to dinner to get some legit seafood, headed to the house to change & briefly cleanup & rally for round 2 downtown Savannah. Is it bad when you don’t head out to the bars until 1:30AM?? I think not…

Photo Jul 15, 11 50 41 AM



Photo Jul 15, 1 04 22 AM

Photo Jul 16, 9 07 53 PM

My cheeks were seriously sore the next morning from laughing non-stop with these two. We have way too much fun together.

Onto training:

Monday-I did 45 minutes of toning (glutes & core)

Tuesday-ran 3 miles (on treadmill after work b/c my body is feeling the effects of the weekend!)

Wednesday-Carl got up with me at 5AM to run 5 miles before work (did not have the motivation myself to complete w/o him)

Thursday (today)-3 miles again, after work on treadmill—hip felt great, but apparently week 3 of marathon training is when your calves cramp up like a mofo.

Friday-REST!! Thank, God.

Saturday-schedule says 6 miles, but I might do 8 again since I missed my scheduled 9 last week…who knows.

The hip is feeling good though. Still slight discomfort (and I mean really slight), but I feel it is healing & hoping it’s something that will go away & not something I will have to deal with throughout the next 4 months.

I am so looking forward to Sunday morning & sleeping in. Still haven’t caught up on my lack of sleep from last weekend.


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