Nine & Feelin’ Fine

Yes, I just hit you with a rhyming title for this post. Friday was, as planned, a much welcomed rest day. I came home from a basically “hell day” at work to throw together our typical home-made pizza for “Pizza Friday”—although I was bummed I forgot to buy more green peppers at Walmart earlier this week. I scarfed down a couple of slices with some watermelon & pineapple for dessert & then hit the hay. I was literally in bed by 7:30, & asleep by 8 o’clock. On a Friday. That statement would normally send me into a depression/mid-life crisis at 25 years old, but it was for good reason: I had to run 9 miles in the morning!

Which I did without pain or complaints (other than humidity). Carl even came along for the whole 9 miles. Near the 6 mile mark, he started asking how much further every mile. I was proud of him though for sticking it out & finishing the complete run with me. He works out every day, but doesn’t average more than 30-40 minutes of running at one time, so more power to him. Thank God it was overcast however, because even getting up at 5AM, you can’t beat the humidity down here in the south. It‘s brutal, and by 7:30, I was so grateful for those clouds covering the sun’s rays! The hip didn’t even give me any trouble-during or post run! It’s still sore, but a sore that isn’t harboring me from my training. Just something I continue to stretch out & massage the best I can. But getting through 9 miles without any trouble, I think I’m near healing.

Photo Jul 21, 8 07 21 AM

I was so excited to have completed my long run of 9 miles, to return home to this sweet little face—whom I promised I would cuddle with ALL day long when I got back. And that is exactly what we did. Lola & I held down the recliner, with me in my compression socks (swear by these now for recovery), & watched 10 or so episodes of The X-Files (yes, I’m a nerd) on Netflix with a nap worked in there mid-afternoon. Glorious, glorious Saturday for sure. Much more low key compared to how I spent my last Saturday.

Sunday morning felt amazing to wake up on my own without any alarm! Even though I can’t sleep past 8 o’clock nowadays, it still felt wonderful–& I was surprised when standing to my feet that I felt no soreness whatsoever. Funny how your body adapts to high mileage/exercise regime. But Sunday meant chores. Boo. I cleaned & did laundry all. Damn. Day. Seriously did not stop until Carl got home around 4:30 to which we both agreed a much deserved nap was in order.

Which brings me to today=my lower back is KILLING me!! I find it ironic that completing a run of 9 miles, my body felt great, but a day of house cleaning & my I am reminded I am no spring chicken any longer. Oh well. Part of life I suppose.

I hit up the campus natatorium after work this evening for some lap swimming.  I swam for 20 minutes, 12 laps (down & back), 25 yards each way for a total of 600 yards; almost half a mile.  I could have gone a little longer to reach half a mile, but my stomach was telling me it was dinner time!  The water felt great to stretch out my legs & was hoping it would help with my back pain, but using your upper body & legs kicking didn’t aid much relief in that department.  I love swimming, but even post-shower I still smell like chlorine.  Not a huge problem though since I’m getting up at 5 o’clock to run 3 miles.

summer 08 087 summer 08 088

**Also aiding in my mid-life crisis debacle: my little brother turned 21 years old this weekend! I’m excited that now we can go out together as a family after hours (yes, we do that & have fun), but man it makes me feel old. Sad that I didn’t get to partake in the 21st b-day festivities with my genetic little best friend, but I look forward to buying him his legal adult beverage the next time we hang out together! Anybody have any fun/embarrassing 21st birthday stories out there??


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