(mental)Hill Work

Even though I haven’t posted in almost a week, I have good reason:  I have been productive getting back to training!

My body was feeling the affects of being emotionally & mentally drained after dealing with my loss & returning to work, full throttle.  So I listened & rested last week–NOT running the planned 12 miles last Saturday.  I had been battling some “mental” hills of my own.  I felt so tired all week, but was not sleeping well at night.  Hate when that happens.  But I am happy to report that I am back on track with my training.  This week has been a most productive one!

Tuesday: 4 miles-Carl got up with me at 5AM to run 3 miles because it is staying darker later in the mornings & it was pretty foggy, so he wouldn’t let me run by myself.  Which I’m actually not hating his company like I thought I would 😉  I finished my last mile around the baseball field while he got ready for work.

Wednesday: 6.2 miles-the schedule called for 7 miles, but I slept in & went running after work instead.  This was a tough run.  My legs just felt so heavy.  I was actually making good time, running 8:30-9:00 minute miles most of the run to my surprise.  But it sure wasn’t easy.  Only cut it short because my Garmin was dying (& so were my legs). These damn hills down here in Bama were definitely kicking my ass.

Thursday (today): 4 miles-Carl & I got up before the sun again to knock these out.  They were so-so.  Nothing to brag about, but happy I got them in.

Thank goodness tomorrow is a scheduled rest day-I will be doing just that.  I have been sleeping better at night now, too.  Sleep is such a motivator-whenever I am not sleeping well, I know I am one good run away from a good rest 🙂

Saturday is scheduled for 14 miles, but I’m gonna shoot for 12.  I’m beginning to feel aches in my knees I’ve not felt before, so not trying to over do it too big.  I may have been absent from the mileage for a week, but I have found my love in running again.  Amazing how such a simple act can have so many positive outcomes.

Of course, such a busy week in running I’ve had less time to take pics.  Hope to capture some moments this weekend, even though I have nothing on the agenda other than the 12 miles.  Happy (almost)weekend!


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