26.2 miles

So this past week was a most productive one.  I hit a new weekly high mileage: 26.2 total miles.  The exact distance I will have to cover come November 4th.  Crazy!


Saturday, the snooze button won the battle when it went off at 5:30AM.  I was still feeling a bit tired from the first week back to training (& having already covered 14.2 miles).  Getting up & moving to knock out 12 miles just did NOT sound appealing.  I even surprised myself by sleeping in until 9:30AM.  Carl was starting to get worried because we typically don’t sleep past 8 where we have gotten ourselves into the habit of getting up early.

But that ‘s the beauty of a weekend—I knew I could swap out Saturday’s long run with Sunday’s cross training of walking.  Not just any walking though—power walking with my baby girl, Lola.  Any day I don’t quite feel up to getting my fitness on, I tell myself to stop thinking about myself & take Lola out for a walk because she loves it & needs to be active too.  So we went for a 2.4 mile jaunt around campus & neighborhood early Saturday evening.

Needless to say, Lola slept sound that night & I began to mentally prepare myself for my 12 miles the following morning.  I kept telling myself I have fueled for this run; I have prepared for this run; I am ready for this run.  Nothing like some positive affirmations to get ya ready to run!


Sunday’s 5:30 alarm felt a lot better to get moving than the previous morning.  It was an okay run; nothing to brag about.  I did 3 miles, no sweat.  Hit 6 miles a little later, still feeling okay.  Slurped down my Jet Blackberry GU Gel to keep me energized for 6 more miles.  It’s amazing how quickly the miles pass after you hit 6 miles.  7, 8, & 9 came surprisingly quick as I pushed on.  But then I hit “the wall.”  That dreaded wall every runner has hit at some point where you begin to think, “What am I doing?  Why did I want to do this?”  But then I got my brain to think back to those positive affirmations that got my butt out the door this morning.  Run hard.  Be strong.  Think big.  I am capable.  I can do this!  Push!  But the sun was getting pretty intense at this point, so I hit circle back to the baseball field & finish the last 2.6 miles on the treadmill.  These were unbelievably quick & robotic-like.  I definitely surprised myself when I finished that last mile & was not winded & still felt like I could continue.  But I had to walk home yet, which is around .6 miles & I didn’t want my legs giving out on me on that trip back!

I made it home, stretched, re-fueled with a banana & chocolate milk smoothie, showered (best part after a long, sweat-drenched run!), & set up camp in the recliner with Lola, my compression socks, & some ice packs for the rest of the morning while blowing up The X-Files on Netflix.  Best way to end a most productive Sunday morning.

Another perk to running 12 miles—it gives you the best excuse for not doing laundry!  Oh, the hamper is overflowing with dirty clothes, most of which you accumulate from running 5 days a week??  Yeh, I ran 12 miles today.  It can wait.

And now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this tropical storm/hurricane Isaac isn’t a big problem for us residents in the gulf.  Hoping to travel east this weekend to SC to visit with family for the holiday weekend.  Don’t want the weather to disrupt my travel plans or have to worry about returning to a pile of rubble that was once my home!



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