Seven Miles before 7AM

Happy Hump-Day! Mine got off to a good start by heading out the door at a quarter after 5 to get my scheduled 7 miles done before work this morning.  Finished in 1:14 too-which I was pleased with.  Breaks down to 10:57 min per mile, but Carl ran the first 3 with me & we had to stop to walk up a “steep” hill for a little bit 🙂 He’s not quite used to the hilly-ness of Bama like I have been forced to accept throughout the past couple of months.  I actually run faster up-hill because I know there’s always a down-hill or flatter part after; like it’s my reward for pushing through it!

I think I am FINALLY getting accustomed to waking up at 5AM & getting a move on.  I hate getting up early, but I know it will be too hot after work & I’ll be worn out too so might as well get it done before.  Makes the day seem longer too, which is nice at times.  By the time I get home & have eaten dinner, I feel like my morning run was already ‘yesterday’ because I don’t have to rush to get changed, run, fix dinner, shower & then hit the hay.  I actually get to enjoy my evenings-even though I’m in bed by 8 most nights 😉

Left my sleeping beauty in bed still sawing logs when I left at 5:15, but came back to a playful little pup.  So we played for a little bit while I attempted to put on my makeup.  She wears out easy though…ImageThe down side of getting up at 5AM & running 7 miles: my eyes are burning & I’m yawning like crazy & it’s only 9:40!Image


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