Sweet Sixteen

No, I’m not celebrating my 16th birthday bash via MTV—I’m celebrating something way better…

This weekend, I ran a new PDR (personal distance record)-drumroll please!


Yesterday’s distance training run was a 16 miler—and I completed it!  Sure it might have taken me almost 3 hours (2:53 to be exact) but I am not trying to break a land speed record here.  I am merely trying to get my body accustomed to high mileage so that I am able to cross that finish line in November!  Hal Higdon’s quote,“The purpose of training is to break the body down so it will re-build itself stronger than before” kept repeating in my head when my body started feeling the effects.

The weather could not have been more perfect either.  6:30AM & the temp was 62 degrees with a most welcomed cool breeze! Hello, Fall!  It reminded me of early fall weather back home in KY-my favorite weather for running; just another element in my favor for setting out to complete 16 miles.

The first 8 were done before I realized.  The second 8 however…not so much.  That’s when it became a head game with myself.  To think I am only half way at 8 miles.  I have to run what I just ran to reach today’s goal.  Oh. My. God.  That was a bit defeating.  So I broke up the distances into smaller points to get out of my head & push myself.  Only 2 more miles to 10-then only 3 miles to 13 (I’ve done that before, no big deal) then just 3 more miles-which I eat for breakfast nowadays-to get to 16.  I got this!  And so I managed to persuade myself to reach that sweet sixteenth mile of victory.  Now I can tell myself, Only 10 more miles, three-hundred-eighty-five yards till 26.2!

My joints (particularly ankles, knees, & hips) were all a little achy by the end, but I iced thoroughly for 20 minutes each area & kept moving throughout the day (in my compression socks, of course) by doing a couple loads of laundry & cleaning the kitchen—in between episodes of The X-Files while resting in the recliner with my girl, of course.  I think this helped from getting too stiff throughout the day, because yes I feel like I ran 16 miles yesterday, but my shoulders & upper back are the areas of most discomfort/soreness today!  Definitely need to look into a massage.

Carl was out of town this weekend & I had some City Cash (coupons for $15 off for every $30 you spend) from New York & Company that I had earned during the trip to Pensacola last month with my sister burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to hit up the mall in the next town over & check out their new fall inventory.  If you have not been to NY&CO recently-GO! I have always loved this store but their new fall line is TDF (to die for)! I was a giddy little school girl when I saw a faux-leather skirt & pants suit on a mannequin!  Every girl should have a black faux-leather (because you should care about animals, too) skirt in their wardrobe-so of course, I had to purchase one!  Came out with a giant bag full of goodies-my original total, before City Cash being around $260, only paying $110 after City Cash! Score!

Image Image

Leather & houndstooth print!?! Fabulous!

The only thing raining on my parade this Monday morning=Ryan Reynolds got married-again!  *Tear*

Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively


Guess I’ll just wait for divorce #2 & keep dreaming of my day to be call Mrs. Reynolds…

Hell, I’m still waiting on my Sixteen Candles Jake Ryan moment!  A girl can dream!

Oh, & in case you haven’t heard: PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE IS BACK AT STARBUCKS!!!!!

That is all.  (Man, I really should update more so posts don’t drag on so long)


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