Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Just when I reach a new milestone in my running ventures & I feel like I am unstoppable, I hit a brick wall.  Last week was a rough one when it comes to training runs.

Tuesday:  5 miles.  My first run after completing 16 miles on Sunday & this was not fun.  I didn’t feel “sore” really, but once I got running again, I began to notice how tight everything was all over.  It was difficult-especially up all these damn hills-but I made it.

Wednesday: 8 miles.  Only made 6 because again, the “tightness” crept in & legs started feeling heavy.

Thursday:  5 miles.  I hit the snooze button way too many times in the morning, so I got this run in after work around 5:OOPM & felt incredible!  It’s amazing how much better I feel running in the evenings—my time proved it too, finishing in 48 minutes!

So the week of running started off crappy, & then began to pick up & feel better—but then another wrench got thrown my way.

Carl was supposed to go out of town this weekend to attend a wedding back home.  I take him to the airport Friday after work & he missed his flight (airlines fault, however-called & told him it was delayed when it wasn’t). So he decides to stay the weekend & spend a few hours with his dad who was traveling up our way anyways on his way back home to KY.

Long story short—I hiked all over campus TWICE on Saturday because it was gameday & roads were closed, also we went to the football game that night.  Therefore, I didn’t get home & in bed until after 10 which is NOT helping me in getting up at 6AM Sunday to run 18 miles.  My shins were already throbbing from doing so much walking throughout the day…

Sunday:  My alarm goes off.  I grunt.  So not looking forward to getting up & heading up.  But I make myself.  I get 2 miles up the road & I can feel every ache in my feet, ankles, shins, knees, & hips.  Also, the humidity is high & rising with the temperature.  18 miles is so not happening.  I push to a half mile further & then turn around to head home.  Completing only 5 miles.  At least I got up & out & attempted the run instead of just hitting snooze & rolling over! So I spent my Sunday morning/afternoon with a heat pad in/on achy places while rolling my muscles & getting in a good stretch with some ‘Yoga for Runners’ via

Today: I’m swimming for 30 minutes after work.  Hopefully that will help aid my achy muscles/bones.  Reminding myself there is still time to knock out 18 miles this weekend—no exceptions!

Feeling such discomfort in my lower extremities lately convinced me it’s time to bite the bullet & shell out the dough for a new pair of shoes.  I knew I would have to eventually buy a second pair during training, I just assumed I could make it until October.  But then I realized I have been running in my current Mizuno’s since April.  Whoops.  So I made myself feel a little better (not my credit card, though) by purchasing these babies while heat therapy was going on yesterday afternoon.


Mizuno Wave Inspire 8’s

These will be what I run my first marathon wearing! THE NYC Marathon!! I figured the jazziness was appropriate.

Now to determine what I will actually wear to run the damn thing! Kind of hard to test my “marathon day outfit” when it’s still 85 degrees in lower AL & I’ll be running in upper New York in November!


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