They’re heeeeere!!

My new shoes arrived yesterday afternoon-so of course, I had to break them in with an 8 miler after work šŸ™‚

The verdict: It wasn’t old shoes that were causing my lower leg discomfort. Shins & ankles were hurting from mile 3.5 & on. Oh well. Guess that is what high mileage does to ya! But I’m okay to have to feel a little discomfort in getting myself to NYC for 26.2!
Thanks to all you dropping in from SR’s blog! I appreciate your time & hope you will check out my fundraiser page I’m helping as I run the NYC marathon.

SR was so kind to include me on her post today to help me out in obtaining my goal of $1,000 to 2MillionDogs. If you can’t donate, please feel free to pass my site along to those who are interested or check out the website to educate yourself on the link between canines & humans when it comes to finding a cure for cancer.
Onto other things….

I registered for a half-marathon in Montgomery, AL for October 6th-the day I am to complete my first 20 miler! Figured I could run a half to help get me to 13.1, then run 7 after the race. It’s also my dad’s birthday & he might even get to share the big day with me while he & my mom visit for the weekend!
All around, training is going well. Knocking out a 5 miler after work today & then resting tomorrow for my 18 miles on Saturday. Supposed to be amazing (cooler) weather. Hooray!


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