18 Miles Down…

…only 8 miles, 385 yards to go! I see you 26.2!

Thursday, my shins weren’t feeling up to 5 miles after work, so I harnessed up Lola for a lovely evening walk around campus to get the heart pumping.


We walked roughly 3 miles or so in an hour.  I was impressed with my little girl!  Didn’t think she could walk that long!  She was panting, but it wasn’t hot out by any means—she’s just a little out of shape!  I should really take her on walks more often, but near the end of this marathon training, more cardio in the mix isn’t the first thing that comes to mind.  But it should be on my non-running/CT days.

Saturday’s alarm went off at 5:30AM, & when I hit the ‘off’ button on my iHome I realized my iPhone didn’t charge all night & was at 35% battery.  No bueno for an 18 miler.  I guess I didn’t place my phone all the way onto the charger.  Oh well, back to bed I went.  I got in a few toning videos via ToneItUp & some more yoga for runners via YogaDowload (so good!) so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day.  This also gave me time to get together my materials for my BFF’s baby shower (I’m in charge of games) this weekend.  There was some serious spray-painting & crafting going on at my crib Saturday.

I also got super excited to find some patio chairs at Lowe’s for $8.00 a piece.  8 bucks?!? And there was only 2 left, so it was meant to be.  I scooped those bad boys up & ran to the register!  So exciting when you find a bargain that big! I think they were originally $25-$30.  I love going to Lowe’s—is that weird?  I can vividly remember frequenting the home improvement store as a child with my parents as they were building our home, so now every time I go to Lowe’s & I smell that fresh cut lumber smell…I smile because I am reminded of home.


Sunday I actually got up at 6:00AM & struggled to get moving.  Had 0 motivation for some reason.  I was so eager physically to complete 18 miles, but mentally I was not having it.  But I got up & dressed & out the door by 7 anyways because I kept telling myself, “If it’s important to you, you will find a way.  If not, you will find an excuse.”

I hated every mile practically, but again it wasn’t my body physically telling me to stop—I felt great; shins, ankles, hips, muscles=all good.  But mentally I kept telling myself to stop.  I think it was mostly boredom talking.  Sticking to the same route every time I run (even if I run it backwards) is getting a bit stale & I know this is what was trying to defeat me.  I’m glad I registered for a half the day I set out to complete 20 miles so it’s a new route!

But I kept on trucking & completed 14 miles in 2:30 & my stomach was telling me it’s lunch time!  Plus, my CamelBak was empty, so I figured I’ll grab a bite & finish 4 more miles this evening when it’s cooler.  *Note to self: a piece of bread with peanut butter & a Mojo bar are not enough sustenance to complete 18 miles.  Good to know.  I need to start fueling before my long runs better so I will know what to eat the morning of the marathon.


My legs still felt good after the morning’s 14 & a good stretch, coffee, oatmeal & yogurt parfait later, I knew I was set to knock out 4 more later.  I enjoyed the rest of the day as usual with my fur-child in our recliner watching The X-Files on Netflix.


Who ran 14 miles this morning??

Lola was snoozing hard too.  Probably enjoying my heating pad I was laying on.  My lower back is giving me discomforts, but nothing debilitating.

5:30PM rolled around & I was out the door once again to conquer my new distance mileage.  These 4 miles were done in no time & I STILL felt great!  What is wrong with me?? I’m becoming a machine!  I feel like I ran yesterday, but no more soreness than normal.  I’m still going to go swimming after work so it will help alleviate stiffness, but I am so ready for my 20 miles next weekend!  Then I will be “officially” half-way to 26.2 (because a lot of postings I’ve been reading say 13.1 is not half-way; 20 miles is half-way.  Bring it on!


2 thoughts on “18 Miles Down…

  1. Oh I’m getting so excited just reading about all your training! I do hate when those days when it is so hard to run, but not because of any physical issues. The hardest part of running is getting over those mental humps. I guess 20 is half way because “they” say that the last 6.2 miles are the most difficult miles in a marathon…

    • Thanks! Yes, the more I run the more I realize it’s 90% mental. NEVER in my life would think I could run more than 1 mile-now I’m gearing up for a marathon!! Who am I?!? Lol

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