Where you at, Fall?

ImageAs you can see after my 5 miler yesterday evening, it is still bloody hot down here in southern Alabama.  I know last weekend was the start of fall season, but we have yet to feel the effects of “fall weather.”  

Today is like my Friday because I am heading up to Nashville after work to spend the night with my cousin as a half-way point on my journey home for my BFF’s baby shower this Saturday in KY.  I’m so ready to get out of here for a weekend–even though Carl & I were able to get away for Labor Day weekend the beginning of this month, I am ready for another escape.  I think I am definitely getting bored with my routine of things lately.  Not sure if it’s just because of the seasonal change & I know colder weather & less daylight hours are approaching or what.  Just feeling antsy a lot lately…

I already told my BFF even though she’s pregnant, she’s not allowed to be mad at me when I get up Saturday morning & run 13 miles!  I’m staying with her Friday night kind of as our last hooray before this baby gets here.  We are getting wild too–pajamas, junk food, & baby movies (Baby Mama & She’s Having A Baby). Look out! But that doesn’t mean I can side-track my marathon training.  It’s rather convenient that her back yard is the city park too. Score!

Happy (early) weekend!


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