30 days to go

So I figure a week later might be a good time to post…

My trip to KY for my BFF’s baby shower was a good one. Friday night when I arrived at her place, she was up for going out to the movies!?! We saw ‘Pitch Perfect’ which turned out to be really funny! My BFF made the comment as we were getting out tickets handed back to us from the cashier that this will probably be the last time we go to the movies minus child. Crazy! So we yucked it up big time & felt like we were in high school again. Next time I’m home, I’ll be visiting my BFF & her little nugget will be here. Weird.

We enjoyed some pampering the morning of her shower by getting pedi’s at a really nice salon before running some last minute errands. Her shower turned out BEAUTIFULLY & she seemed to really enjoy it as well. I was given the honor of being emcee for the event (because I am so loud loved) so I had fun with that task.






The theme was ‘Bring A Book’


Just a heads up, when you are having a girl you get A LOT of clothes as gifts. Holy moly. This child is going to be able to have upwards of 5 wardrobe changes a day & still probably not wear everything she has! Insane.


But it was post-baby shower that I was dreading & was the most work. Hauling all the gifts back to the house & unpacking/organizing everything. My BFF only has an older brother & doesn’t really have a close relationship with her mom, so I couldn’t just unload the gifts & abandon her! It really wasn’t that bad though because she had to wash all the clothes first. We are both OCD about organization so we actually had fun with it—bizarre, I know. That’s why we’re friends. Lol


Sunday morning, when I was supposed to be headed back to Bama, I woke up at 5am with a stomach virus. Great. Here I’ve got a month to go in marathon training & I catch a stomach bug. There is no worse feeling than regurgitating, am I right? So gross. Thank the Lord it was only a 24 hour bug because I had a 700 mile drive ahead of me the next day. I made it back to Bama & it has been a struggle to get back into running after losing what felt like half my body weight. But I’ve gotten back into stride & have my first 20 miler TOMORROW.

So as you can incur, I’ve been rather non-stop since my last post. Not to mention that yesterday was our campus career fair that my office is in charge of hosting. I was dead-dog tired by 2 o’clock yesterday afternoon, but I still managed to make myself run my scheduled 5 miles after work since I’ve got a new distance to achieve this weekend. I keep thinking keeping crazy busy up until race day is a good thing so I can slow down & enjoy every second of it in NYC.

But I am more excited/nervous in a good way about reaching 20 miles tomorrow. My parents will be in town tonight, so they will be my extra support & encouragement for knocking out my half-marathon + 7 miles after. I have trained for 3 months for this. I can do this. I will do this. Pray for me!


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