Time to Taper! (distance runs, not the hectic-ness of life!)

Photo Oct 08, 5 40 57 PM

I cannot believe it is the middle of October already! I can still remember how I felt the moment I found out I was accepted to run the NYC Marathon! I’ve made it through the muggy summer heat down here in L.A. (Lower Alabama), reached multiple new personal distance records, & am now loving the change of temps as we near fall—it’s a little later here in Bama; I’ve not ran in temps lower than 70 degrees, but that 70 degrees feels mah-vuh-lous!

To back up & re-cap the past couple of weeks:

1. Training has been going wonderfully since I last updated. Ran the half-marathon in Montgomery on October 6th, which just so happened to be my dad’s birthday—which he just so happened to be visiting me in Bama that weekend as well! I met my mom & dad in Montgomery the night before to be closer to the race & my dad even volunteered to drive me to the start line the morning of the race. This half was KILLER. So freakin’ hilly!

Photo Oct 17, 8 30 07 PM Photo Oct 17, 8 27 17 PM Photo Oct 17, 8 26 55 PM

Not only were the hills hellacious, the weather was beyond muggy & HOT. I pushed myself hard too & was feeling the aftermath the day after. I was supposed to run 7 miles post-half to reach my final long run of 20 miles, but the heat & hills got the best of me. I was happy with my performance in the half however & felt that a half was better than no run at all! My visit with my parents was a great one, but not long enough like always. They were amazing at helping me out with a few projects around the house & of course, we enjoyed southern cooked meals the entire weekend.

2. Never in my life would I have thought 5 miles could feel so great/easy the day after completing 13.1 miles. After this happened, I knew completely how ready I am for this marathon.<–again, something I never would have dreamed I would be saying!

3. Friends are wonderful things. One of my besties from college tied the knot this past weekend in Savannah, GA & all us old buds were reunited. The morning after the wedding, we all concurred that our stomachs were so sore from laughing the entire weekend with one another. So much fun with these girls, & I could not be more happy to welcome my girls’ new man into our group. He definitely knows how to tag along with us!


IMG_0042 IMG_0044 IMG_0055


4. Work/life in general is starting to pick up & get a bit chaotic, so on top of marathon training I am starting to feel the effects. I was feeling zero motivation last night to complete my 5 mile run after work, especially after I forgot a hair tie in my bag that I bring my change of clothes in to throw on right at 5 o’clock so I can get finished before it gets dark AND make dinner & eat before 7pm! So when I arrived home seriously debating whether or not to run, I check the mailbox & what do I find within?

Photo Oct 17, 7 56 10 PM

The NYC Marathon Handbook. That’s right, a race that requires a 40 page handbook of expo, pre-race, start line transportation, & post-race information. That’s when it hit me. Holy shit, this is a huge race! I will be one of the 47,000 participants running this thing! A huge smile came across my face & I seriously started tearing up at this thought. That was all the motivation I needed! I dashed in the house & threw on my running clothes (remembering to pull my hair up) & ran out the door knocking out a wonderful 5 miles.

BUT the aftermath of a busy workday, running, & staying up a bit too late to indulge in some Sons of Anarchy left me somehow turning off my alarm & waking up at 7:40am. I have to be at work at 8:00. Shit. I somehow made it to work, only 10 minutes late (which isn’t unusual on a regular day) with my breakfast & coffee in tow. Good thing I showered after my run last night!

5. Lastly, I just want to say how truly blessed I have been feeling lately. With the pitfalls I have experienced this year losing two friends, a beloved family pet (Pookie), my Papaw, & not to mention pushing myself to physical limits I never could have imagined, I have made it through & am finding the good in these tragedies I’ve been tested by.

First of all, I was lucky & blessed enough to be accepted to run the NYCM! A triumph of itself. My best friend from high school informed me she is pregnant & I was able to help her put together her baby shower & share in this crazy life event with her. My best friend from college got married & that event brought together old friends while making new ones. And lastly, my family—my rock. I honestly do not know what I would do if I did not have their support in everything that I do. I’ve been able to make it this far with their love & encouragement & I can only hope that I am able to return the favor when they have/will need it. With the losses of so many loved ones this year, I have found strength to push myself beyond what I thought capable many times during my training. Reminding myself to push for them because they cannot; because I need them to give me strength to reach new goals—in running & in life.

The countdown is ON & my remaining training runs are shorter & pieces of cake, tapering my mileage until race day! I am so happy, blessed, fortunate, and ecstatic to be where I am, looking forward to what I have yet to achieve, & continue to create ever-lasting memories!

Photo Oct 17, 12 53 49 PM


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