Seriously, Mother Nature?!?

So I’m sure if you own a television you have been informed of this ‘Hurricane Sandy’ that is threatening the east coast.  Of course something like this would happen during marathon week!  Granted, it is “only projected” to “possibly” hit the northeast by Tuesday morning, but I fly into New York on Thursday!  After 4 months of training, planning, & practically going broke THIS is what might screw things up?!? I am worrying myself sick practically over this mess.  Purchased Broadway tickets to see The Lion King just last night; I will so devastated if this hurricane puts any kind of damper on my marathon weekend.

Thankfully, I have been pinning words of encouragement on my Pinterest board in hopes of easing my mind.

Please say an extra little prayer for myself & 47,000 other runners who are so looking forward to next Sunday’s marathon in NYC!  Here’s hoping!


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