Lola’s Birthday

Today is the 7th birthday of my fur-child, Lola!  It pains me almost to spit the number 7 out of my mouth in that same sentence.  Hard to believe she has been a part of my life for 7 years now.  After I had finished my first semester of college & was home for Christmas break, I walked in that pet store, held that little handful of cuteness & never put her down.  I was in love.

Lola! 003

Lola! 008 Lola! 012

I wasn’t loving my first semester away at college–Lola was just what I needed.  She is my baby & therefore, I treat her as such!

Lola! 044

So of course, I would bake her special treats for her special day…

IMG_0078 IMG_0080

Everyone deserves a birthday cupcake!


These were all natural & super easy to make.  Ingredients: 2 cups chopped carrots, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce, 3 cups whole wheat flour, 2 cups rolled oats, & 2 teaspoons cinnamon. (Icing: 8oz. light cream cheese & 1/4 cup unsweetened applesauce)




Wait patiently:



IMG_0093 IMG_0094

So much fun with this child!

Onto marathon news: I began packing today!  This morning when I walked over to my closet to begin getting together outfits, for some reason it hit me like a ton of bricks—ONE week from today I will be running/have ran the New York City marathon.  I burst into tears right then & there.  Too much excitement!  I was laughing at myself while big ol’ crocodile tears fell from my eyes, so it was a happy cry.  I am so excited!  Guess I’m a nervous baker because I made Lola’s birthday cupcakes (24 minis to the recipe), Peanut Butter Treats (also for Lola & her cousins Maddie, Teddy, & Bear) & Shrimp Jambalaya in the crock pot for dinner.  I finally resumed packing around 3pm this afternoon & managed, tear-free.  Now Lola & I are waiting on Carl to get home to feast on dinner, watch The Walking Dead, & finish up some laundry for the week.  We fly out Thursday morning!

*Continue to watch this damn hurricane & hope it doesn’t put a damper on marathon festivities for the weekend!

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