Staying Positive

After ‘Sandy’ blew through much of the northeast & mainly NYC, I am trying my best to keep a positive outlook & “think happy thoughts” as Disney’s Peter Pan taught me.

It was really windy & cool (50’s) here in Bama after work yesterday, but the sun was shining & running is my therapy so I completed my next to last training run of only 3 miles & felt wonderful.  However, I couldn’t help myself from being glued to The Weather Channel ALL evening after I arrived home.  The updates seemed to only progressively get worse as the storm wore on.  I started crying when they reported the runway at LaGuardia was under water.

I just have to run this marathon on Sunday.  They have to get things cleaned up & power restored.  18 weeks of training & years before spent dreaming of one day running NYC.  This has to happen.  No word from the directors of NYRR & I am constantly checking Facebook & my email, but try to remind myself it is still only Tuesday.  A lot can happen (positively!) in the next two days.  Please continue to pray this mess gets cleaned up & NYC gets back up & running by the weekend!

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