Where do I begin?…

Well, I’m sure by now you have been informed that the NYC Marathon was cancelled.  Carl & I still made the trip up on Thursday of the first week of November, & it became comical once they cancelled the marathon because it seriously started to feel as if anything that could go wrong, went wrong.

  • Switched flights to fly into Philly instead of LaGuardia (since it was closed just one day prior)—original flight into LaGuardia was on time, & Philly flight got delayed.
  • Traffic was bumper to bumper in Philly & the Bronx once we arrived.  Took us 4 hours to drive 120 miles.
  • Couldn’t check into our hotel early AFTER we called the day before to make sure we could…
  • Marathon got cancelled

Like I said, it became comical.  However, it wasn’t a complete bust….

Photo Nov 06, 9 37 19 PM

Carl proposed after we heard the marathon was cancelled 🙂  I thought he was just being sweet, consoling me about the marathon—but then he popped down on his knee & I was in shock.  I said yes in case you’re wondering.

Photo Nov 07, 9 44 55 AM

And my dad sent me this text while Carl & I were out to dinner post-marathon cancellation/post-proposal.  I was already emotionally unstable so this opened the flood gates of tears once more.  Happy tears, but I was definitely “that girl crying out in public” hehe.

Photo Nov 01, 2 03 50 PM

However, I was able to experience so much more even without running the marathon.  Got to have my first Philly cheese steak—IN Philly.  Delish.


Got to see New York via double-decker tour bus…frigid, but fun.


Got to pose with Johnny 🙂


Got to pick up my would-be bib number for race day…*sniff, sniff*


Got to ice skate at Rock Center!!


Got to see NYC from the Empire State Building after midnight


Got to see the finish line of the marathon.  (Made me burst into tears)


Got to indulge in some sweets at Serendipity

Photo Nov 04, 3 49 29 PM


And a ton of other things:  ride the subway, see The Lion King on Broadway, visit The Today Show, walk through Central Park, shop at Macy’s & Bloomingdales, see the city from Top of the Rock (30 Rock), walk around Times Square, & oh yeah—GOT ENGAGED!!!

All of this & life has yet to slow down!  Keeping busy at work & Lola gave us a health scare the day after we returned to Bama with a stomach virus that required her to stay a whole day & night at the hospital on I.V. 😦  It was a rough 24+ hours without my baby girl, but she is feeling much better & back to normal.  But now I am counting the days (7!) until we get to head home to KY for Thanksgiving!


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