A little bit of everything

Another week at home has gone by too fast & I am yet again counting down the days until my next break from work & trip back to KY (22 days).

The Thanksgiving holiday spent with family was another occurrence in my life to remind me how blessed I am.  Amazing parents who had a new iPhone 5 waiting on me when I arrived home; a father who worked Thanksgiving day & a mother who prepared a fantastic meal.  A sister & loving fiancé (<–that is still weird to say) who accompanied me to the annual Turkey Trot Thanksgiving morning with our fur-children.  A brother to carry on conversations consisting completely of movie quotes to make me laugh.  And a grandmother to remind me how truly special grandparents are.  This was our first Thanksgiving without Pookie & Papaw, which Mom was reminded of when she was cleaning the turkey leftovers (because Pook LOVED to eat!) so this was a difficult holiday without those two to complete our gathering, but they were still felt, remembered, & loved.

To focus back on running—the Turkey Trot 5K was the first I had ran since the first week of November before the marathon was to be ran.  I was intending to walk the majority of the race-if not all of it-because the main reason of participating in this race is the benefiting of the local no-kill animal shelter.  But Carl inspired me to run again & I had my brother’s lab-mix, Bear to help pull push me as well.  I wasn’t really sure if I could run non-stop 3 miles after taking off for 3+weeks from running, so I told myself to try it & stop if I needed to.  But stop we did not!  Bear & I ran the entire time (mostly to keep warm) & I felt great the entire way.

Left: Bear & Maddie pre-trot Right: Post-trot


In fact, I was shocked at how great & yet short the 3.1 miles felt—I even ran without music!  I had transitioned to running with only 1 earbud in during marathon training & now I think I will try to become one of those “zen” runners—run without music—but no way am I giving up my Garmin.

This was just the inspiration I needed to get me back on the running regime after my post-marathon-cancellation.  Carl has been up & out the door both yesterday & today by 5am to workout—putting me to shame.  So he is yet again helping to keep me motivated.  This morning’s run (mine) was put off due to rain, so I am back to it tomorrow morning!  No excuses.

While we were home last week, Carl became a big time grown-up & bought his first car!  It’s all exciting to get to drive & own a new vehicle but man, nobody tells ya about what a pain it is to get auto insurance & paperwork out the wazoo.  Also, the monthly payments aren’t much fun.  Carl has yet to let me snap a pic of him & his new ride but it will be done.  Oh yes, it will be done.

My BFF who is pregnant & about to pop any day now did not go into labor & deliver while I was home last week either.  I even drug her out one evening to walk 4 miles around the local park to try & get that baby on her way, but it was to no avail.  Still no baby as of today, & if she doesn’t deliver by Friday she is to be induced.  So I will officially be an Aunt by the end of the week!

I attempted to drag out the Christmas decorations on Sunday afternoon when we arrived back in Bama, but have yet to put the tree up (or unpack) and I’m proctoring the LSAT on campus this Saturday, so I’m not really sure when that will get done.  Perhaps Sunday.  We shall see.

These are just because she is so darn cute.


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