Holiday Hustle

This past Tuesday, 12.4.12 marked one month since the NYC Marathon was to be run & the NYRR has yet to distribute any information for us runners as to what to expect for next year—i.e., IF we even get to run.  It’s nerve-wracking having to wait to know what the plan will be for next year & how the NYRR will go about the 2013 race.  I’m fine with paying the entry fee of $250 again; I’m fine with shelling out near a grand for lodging for one weekend; I’m even fine with putting my body through physical extremes for another year—I just want to run NYC!  I’m curious as to how NYRR will handle next years event, with all the already guaranteed applicants for 2013—will they have 2 marathons?  Possibly on two different days since they will be looking at accommodating near 100,000 runners??  I don’t care that it may be different from the norm, I just want to participate.  Fingers crossed we hear something definite before the new year.

I have no holiday race planned in the upcoming weeks; never have run a Christmas race in fact.  Think I get way too busy this time of year to make time for a race (let alone have the extra funds to shell out $25+ to run 3.1 miles!)  But I am getting myself back on track with my fitness & running schedule.  I love the girls over at  They give you a monthly schedule of workouts & even post videos weekly—how can you NOT be held accountable for fitting in a workout daily?!?  They do all the planning, you just gotta do the sweating!


It also helps that it’s not been below 70 degrees during the day or below 50 degrees at night to get out & run.  Perfect running conditions.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas time at ye old homestead lately.


Carl was out of town all day Saturday, & I was worthless after proctoring the LSAT that morning, so I did not get my tree or decorating done like I had planned for that afternoon.  Instead, I started on it Sunday morning & with Carl’s help we had it knocked out in under an hour!  Of course I was ONE strand of lights short for the tree (hate when that happens!) so we had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart & we came across these “scentsicles.”


They are thin sticks/ornaments that vary in your preferred type of “tree scent” to hang on your artificial tree & still have that piney aroma throughout the house.  I went will good ol’ PINE scent.  They come in a pack of six, but I only used two on my 6.5” tree because I didn’t want to overdo it–& they seriously work!  As soon as we come in from outside (or step into the hallway from our bedroom in the mornings) you can really smell the pine!  Nice little touch to add to the holiday spirit!

Not sure what the plans are for this weekend.  Carl & I were talking about heading down to the beach to stay a night like we did last year as our Christmas gift for each other, but he has a few lessons lined up for Sunday so we may just head down for the day Saturday & get some Christmas shopping done while enjoying the beach!  I am feeling the need to see the ocean—haven’t been since fourth of July weekend!  Regardless of beach trip or not, I definitely have to do some shopping.  I’ve a few little things for everybody, but not satisfied with what I have ya know?  Need to grab a few more gifts (some of them I have no clue what yet) before wrapping them up & being pleased to give them to my family & friends.

You know I have to find some fun “Aunty” present to give to this little cutie!


That’s right—I am officially an “aunt” to my BFF’s little girl back home in KY!  Still so weird to think she is here & my BFF is a MOM!!

But I guess I’m a “fur-mom” to this little goob…



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