Talk about stressed!

Just like that, 2 weeks off from work spent relaxing at home enjoying time with the family & my stress level is tenfold before the first day back was over. Let’s just say a total curve ball has been thrown my way & it’s not a very fun or easy fix. <<Brrrreeeeeaaaatthhhe>>

The holidays spent back home in KY was excellent. Enjoyed every minute of it.

  • Met my BFF’s new bundle of joy (finally!) & was filled in on all the “fun” new aspects of mommyhood.
  • Pretty sure I ate my weight in sweets & indulgences—but that’s the only time I really allow myself to do so. Feeling NO guilt whatsoever.
  • LOVED lounging fireside reading my Nook.


  • Christmas Eve, the fam opened presents together & I love each gift I received & loved watching those I love enjoy the gifts I gave even more.
  • Cherished watching old home videos we retrieved from my Papaws house to laugh at ourselves
  • Christmas day was fun too—my Nan came down to eat dinner with us & open more gifts. Carl joined us as well & he was the designated annoyance photographer for the evening.




  • New Year’s Eve was probably the most fun NYE I’ve ever had. All siblings were home for the first time in at least 10 years, so we had our own formal soirée at the house with our parents + Carl. We are crazy & I love it.

Photo Dec 31, 7 18 02 PM


It snowed the evening we arrived home & there was snow on the ground the entire time. Temperature never rose above 35 for two straight weeks. Needless to say, I was basically an icicle.

I seriously valued every second I spent at home. It was really difficult to leave after two weeks of basically being a kid again. Even more difficult was having to go back to work. But that’s adulthood as I am learning. You appreciate life’s little blessings that are bestowed to you so much more because they become few & far between. You accept the cards that you are dealt & you learn to adjust. You put on your “big girl panties” & grow up!


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