Doing Better

So the extra day off (Monday) provided for a very productive weekend.  The first big task being I bought my wedding dress!


My big sister drove in all the way from South Carolina Friday evening after work to go with me to my 11:30 appointment the next morning to try on some dresses.  To continue with my comical good fortune (much like the NYC trip), the dress shopping excursion was much the same.  I went in the shop with three or four printouts of dresses I wanted to try, with one in particular being my favorite.  I handed the dress consultant my picks & she quickly looked over them & said, “We don’t have any of these!”  I stared at her blankly & replied with a dreary “Oooooookaaay…”  My sister & I were tempted to drive another 1 ½ hours to the next biggest city to browse, but the thought of more miles & no appointment scheduled was not sounding fun.  We decided to browse the store to see if they had anything that was worth trying on.  I found two options that were “meh” & then my last sweep around the store I saw it.  The dress that I had printed out that was my favorite (that I was told they did not have in stock) was hanging on a rack right in front of the dressing rooms.  AND it was my size.  That was my sign right there.  I snagged that puppy up & tried on the two “meh” options first & my favorite last.  When it was a perfect fit and comfortable, I just knew.  (I also teared up a bit when the consultant picked up the train & does that thing where it lands just perfect all around your feet).  Since it was brand new & no one had tried it on yet, I was able to purchase & take it home with me that day.  *Sigh of relief*  The only alteration I need to have done is taking up the straps a bit so the girls aren’t on display so much, which I go back for end of February & is easy-peasy.

While the relief of what-am-I-going-to-wear-on-my-wedding-day is taken care of, it was a big purchase.  One on top many upcoming expenses, most of them being this month.  I finally found out that as a 2012 NYC marathon runner, I have the option to choose to be guaranteed to run either in 2013, 2014, or 2015—the only downfall being I am required to pay my entry fee of $255 on top of my entry fee paid for 2012…Throw in a student loan on top of that, a wedding in Jamaica, not to mention the means to survive (food, water, shelter, etc.) & I may be legit broke by spring time.  I’m also trying to be “responsible” in thinking if I should choose the option to run NYC for this fall or next year.  It would be amazing to get married & run my first marathon within the same year, but I’m not getting any younger!  Plus, Carl may be looking for a new job this summer & who knows where we will be by fall or if I will have time to train completely if we move.  And I have to make my selection for the NYC mary by Friday.  Ah, the stressors of adulthood continue to pile up.

To add to my abundance of events, I think I have found a motive to get my butt in gear & keep active until I decide whether or not to train for a marathon this summer:  A triathlon.  I was registered for the Iron Girl Tri in New Orleans a few years ago, but the week of the tri a hurricane hit & the lake we were to swim in flooded big time(ßwhat’s my deal with mother nature?!?) & was mixed with sewage & what not so I didn’t participate.  They only even that worked with my schedule was the Tri in Atlanta on May 19th.  When I recognized the date, it hit me like a ton of bricks why this was the event I was meant to compete;  Pookie.  That weekend, May 17th will mark the 1 year anniversary since Pook passed away.  I trained for & partnered with a Canine Cancer Research charity for the NYC Mary, so this was only fitting the tri be held on this particular weekend.  I have sought out a training plan for the tri & am giving myself until February to start.  I think due to the training plan for the marathon keeping me accountable, that’s what I need to keep me responsible in doing every workout.  I’ll definitely keep ya posted on my progress.


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