2013=The year I become a marathoner!

I made my decision:  I will run the NYC Marathon this November!  I may have had 2 weeks to make my decision, but I chose to wait until the final hours to choose.  Procrastinate much? (I’m not great on making big decisions if ya haven’t noticed by now; hence the easy-peasy wedding/honeymoon in Jamaica.) 

So 2013 will not only mark the year I get married, but also the year I will complete the NYC Mary.  A pretty happening year for such an unlucky number, eh?  And knowing my luck, it’s rather fitting!

Following Friday evenings big decision of choosing to run NYC this year, Saturday was a much deserved & enjoyed evening outside by the fire pit with two of my favorite people—er, one being canine.  Gorgeous weather, a glass of wine & some Tom Petty Pandora Radio?!?…Ahhhh…Second favorite getaway (after the beach!)

Photo Jan 26, 7 02 26 PM

Now it’s just pinching pennies, counting my blessing, & looking forward to the future!

Photo Jan 24, 7 38 57 PM

(Ahh…electric blankey…So warm!)


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