Last week was a struggle for me.  Work has been drowning me with one thing on top of another & it was beginning to wear me down last Monday.  I seriously had that moment sitting at my desk thinking to myself, “What am I doing?  What am I accomplishing?—seriously…”  Ya know, one of those my-life-is-so-terrible/self-assessment/life-crisis.  No big.  On top of work piling up, everyday literally felt like a re-run of the day before; a real life version of Groundhog Day.  Funny thing happened that afternoon though.  Stopped at the campus Starbucks to get a pick me up on the rainy afternoon & my barista wrote me a little note on my cup:


“Choose to make today great!”

It’s really the little things that matter.  This simple act of kindness really touched me—especially on a day when I truly needed it.

But I had my moment in time to reflect & calm down & the chaos continues!  Just trying not to dwell on it.

Hang on.

Heh. Yeah.


And in the wise words of Honey Boo Boo’s Momma June:

my life is a series of "it is what it is"

You are blessed

Thank goodness for Pinterest quotes to help alleviate my anxiety.

Valentine’s Day was nice & informal.  Carl actually had a team meeting followed by a few lessons that evening, but I am so not the type to make a big fuss over a silly holiday.  I got to spend the evening with a pretty cute valentine after all.



Workouts have continued to be good & productive.  Keeping my eye on the prize & sweating for the wedding!  Last week, I found that working out to some Bob Marley tunes kept the inspiration at an all-time high.


Baseball season opened here this weekend to a wonderful start—played 4 games & won all 4!  Carl’s birthday was this past Sunday, so that was a great b-day present!  The weather was also gorgeous for what seems like the first time EVER for his birthday.  February 17th was also my papaw’s birthday.  Being the first birthday since his passing in August, I definitely had my times of remembrance throughout the day, but I also find it fateful that he & Carl share the same date of birth.  Two great men, one great day.  I found comfort in remembering my papaw while also celebrating Carl.



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