It’s March?!?

Where did the first two months of the new year go?  I guess that is a positive/negative of working non-stop.  Been keeping so busy it’s hard to believe it’s already March!  I am however most excited this weekend marks the beginning of daylight savings time.  Even though we “spring forward” & technically lose an hour, I am so looking forward to that little extra daylight in the evenings.  Now I will have no excuse for getting my butt out the door for a run after work! spring-forward

Last weekend (February 24th) I had my fitting for alterations for my dress up in Montgomery.  It was a beautiful day which I thoroughly enjoyed hitting up some nearby outlets—it was for a reason though; I was on the hunt to find Carl’s wedding ensemble.  I lucked out at Dilliard’s finding some neutral colored linen pants & a white linen button up.  I grabbed two different sizes in the shirt because I wasn’t really sure which would fit him better.  Carl tried them all on the next evening when he arrived back in town & we have a winner!  So I only have to return the one shirt that didn’t fit.  Glad that is one more thing I can check off the wedding to-do list!  Now we are on the hunt for our wedding bands.  A task that is proving a tad more difficult than I anticipated.braided.bandsI really loved the top one for myself & Carl found a masculine one similar to match, but these may be proving to be hard to track down 😦

wedding bandsSince my engagement ring looks practically identical to this one, I like the look of a single thin eternity band & I love the brushed look for the mens band.

This weekend was a whole different story.  I woke up Saturday morning with lower back pain like I have never felt before.  I literally could not move without intense pain shooting from my back.  So I spent most of this day in bed on the heating pad, never really finding any relief.  Sunday morning it was slightly better, but could definitely still feel the pain.  I attempted some yoga for back pain via & winced through a lot of the movements.  It seemed to help in the long run though, but still laid up on the heating pad for the remainder of the afternoon.


My bed buddy

This morning my entire back is sore (muscle aches) I’m guessing from the yoga I did yesterday.  Pretty sad when a yoga class that seemed so not-intense would leave me feeling so sore the next day.  Guessing that’s a good thing??

Think I might attempt some more yoga this evening to stretch everything out & build on strengthening my lower back.  But if that doesn’t help I’m just going to drown my aches in wine.  Not really.  I’m going to one of those “paint parties” that are becoming more & more popular nowadays at a wine bar downtown tonight with a coworker of mine.  Pretending to be artsy & free wine?? Yes, please!  Tonight we are painting an Easter themed portrait so I’m interested in how mine will turn out.  I’m not the best artist!


One thought on “It’s March?!?

  1. Sorry to hear about your back! I’ve had some issues with my back lately, too, but the chiropractor I’ve been visiting has worked miracles for me!

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