Aaaaand Now It’s April…

How is it possible that ¼ of the year is already past us?!  I feel like I just celebrated Christmas last month.  And now we only have 4 weeks of the semester left (thank God!) and less than 3 months until Carl & I head off to Jamaica to get married!  Pros & cons of time blowing by you.

To recap:

-The week after I last posted was our university’s spring break, so I got to come home that weekend for a few days to have a bridal shower & attend my BFF’s baby dedication. (It snowed while I was home. *joy*)






-Also tried on my momma’s wedding gown just for kicks & it ended up fitting PERFECTLY.  I mean, like it was made for me.  My BFF told me to take that as a good omen for our marriage!


-Upon returning to Bama, I have been KILLING myself going through our gifts obtained from the shower & the “spring cleaning” has taken over. Going through our stuff & organizing/making piles of stuff we no longer need/want.  Hoping to have a yard sale at some point before we leave for Jamaica in June.

-This past Friday, the 29th of March, I received a phone call informing me my dress alterations were done & ready for pick up.  So Friday after work I stopped by the house on my way out of town to pick up my baby girl for an impromptu road trip & we were off!  The dress now fits PERFECTLY like my momma’s dress did so now I just have to focus on maintaining my current weight (since I bought it shortly after finishing marathon training) & toning up!  Put in the hard work & effort now to enjoy & relax during our honeymoon in June.

And that pretty much catches us up.  These next 4 weeks are crazy at work though.  Have some big events going on each week & a trip to KY to my alma mater worked in there as well.  Pretty excited for this trip!  I love the town where I went to college & my parents will be meeting me there too which makes for a fun time.


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