Boston: A Marathon runner leaves the course in tears near Copley Square following an explosion

The tragedy experienced at the Boston Marathon yesterday is one that really hit hard for me.  The thought that this senseless act of violence not only killing/injuring many but also took away what should have been such a joyous day for 27,000+ runners & onlookers, not to mention the city of Boston itself.  I cannot imagine how scary it must have been for all those affected & in relative location to the explosions.  I think back to November when I was in NYC to run the marathon & how many people gather not only to participate in the race but also those who volunteer, support, & work to put such a huge event together.  I wasn’t able to complete my marathon due to Mother Nature, but I cannot fathom the heartache those runners who were mid-race & so close to the finish line experienced when this “attack” occurred.  Let alone the aftermath they were left to recover from.


Many of my co-workers came to check on me once the news of the explosions broke letting me know that maybe it was a blessing in disguise the NYC Mary was cancelled.  It touched my heart they took the time to remember me but I still left horrified over this happening.

I kept my composure throughout the rest of the afternoon while I managed to keep working while also being glued to the news reports when I could.  But once I left work & reached my car, the floodgate opened up on me.  I bawled my eyes out as I sat in my car thinking of how scared all those people must be & what would I have done if that were to happen.  A feeling of such disgust overcame me trying to wrap my brain around the daunting question of “why?”

As a runner & wanna-be-marathoner, my heart truly hurts for everyone affected.  We runners tend to have a bond & community like nothing else & I am genuinely feeling it in the wake of this devastation.  It did however make me count my blessings & reaffirm mine & Carl’s decision to run off this summer to be married-just the two of us. Not focusing on the many minor details that tend to come along when planning a big wedding, but instead on what a marriage truly is; two people.  This was reinforced within me when I arrived home (after pulling myself together enough to drive) and checked the mailbox to find our passports waiting inside.  Funny the way little things like that come into play at just the right moments.  Grateful for sure.



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