Spring Cleaning & What Not

You know spring has sprung when you begin going through every closet, drawer, nook & cranny de-cluttering your life.  I now have half of our guest room loaded up with “stuff.”  Either clothes/shoes that I no longer want, old dishes/appliances, jewelry/accessories, office supplies, & overall crap we never use.  Basically, if it’s taking up space, it’s got to go.

Carl & I will be having our very first yard sale next weekend in an attempt to not only clear out our “junk” but to raise some funds toward our wedding/honeymoon.  It has been very cleansing to go through our stuff & clear out what we no longer need/want.  I’m hoping it will be even more rewarding post-yard sale when we are counting our profit.

Today marks the last day of classes for this semester!  Some sort of celebrating will definitely be had by this girl.  Of course, finals week begins Thursday throughout next Tuesday & I will be busy finalizing grades for my 4 classes I taught this semester but that shouldn’t take long seeing as I caught up on two of my classes grades this morning.

I’ve been back into a fitness routine for about 3 weeks now & am feeling better than ever!  I was beginning to feel so lethargic throughout my days at work & even getting up by 7am was a struggle.  Now, I’m awake before my alarm goes off at 5:30, ready to get up & sweat to start my day-strange how exerting energy gives you more energy!  The human body is an amazing thing.  I honestly think it was the Boston attack that really kicked my butt into gear.  Remembering to be thankful for what I am capable of doing today that others aren’t so lucky to be able.  The article in Runner’s World written by an Olympic marathon trials qualifier summed it up quite perfectly, ‘Why running matters NOW more than ever.’

When despair is overwhelming, what do we do?  Go for a run.  When stress is oppressive, what do we do?  Go for a run.  When hope is gone and all seems lost, what do we do?  Go for a run.

A run can turn the worst day into the best day; it can bring us from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs. I ran after the September 11, I ran after the deaths of my grandparents, and I run whenever things aren’t going my way.  It never fails.

If the perpetrators wanted to inflict lasting devastation, they could not have picked a worse target.  Running defies destruction.

To run is to live.  Running nourishes our muscles and nurtures our minds.  It induces clarity of thought, vitality of physiology, and tranquility of emotion.  It demands complete unity of body and spirit, it requires your legs, your lungs, your heart, your mind, but rewards all those parts too.  It’s in the harmonious holism that we come to understand our true identities, our authentic selves.  The universe’s uncertainty is distilled into a singularity:  We exist in and of the moment.  In the midst of entropy, serene bliss.  In the midst of confusion, clarity.  Surrounded by constraints, we are freed.  Running creates.”

So many truths in this article & you can read the remainder here.


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