Money, Mother’s, & Memories

Saturday’s yard sale went well.  We had four tables worth of stuff ranging from kitchen dishes, cookware, utensils & appliances to sheets, books, picture frames, clothes, shoes, jewelry, Xbox games, towels, & more!  We sold roughly half of what we put out raking in around $200, which I am happy with.  Of course, more is always better but its 200 more dollars than we had before Saturday!  I’m going to attempt to sale the remainder of what we have online in an attempt to add to our overall profit, and then I will just donate everything after that.  I refuse to keep any of what I had cleaned out!  Felt so good to be getting rid of so much that we no longer use/need.  I found myself multiple times in between customers browsing thinking, “What else do we have that I can chuck out here to sell??”  Carl told me to take it easy—we still need SOME things! 


Guest room FULL of stuff for yard sale





Speaking of Carl, he was a huge help in contributing to the sale by bringing 4 large tables from his office to display all our stuff & of course, helping me carry everything out Saturday morning.  It was actually really nice to sit on our front porch together while sipping coffee & catch up.  (Is that sad? After 8 years of being together we are to the point where it takes holding a yard sale to spend some quality time with one another?  Not sure if that’s the sad part or the fact that I truly enjoyed it. Lol)

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day & I do consider myself a mommy to a very special little fur baby.  So we spent the day together at the ball field while Carl coached his last home game of the season.  It was a beautiful day here, perfect weather to spend outside.  I think Lola really enjoyed it!


My little squints


While on the topic of mothers, my mom is someone who truly deserves recognition for all she does.  I was lucky enough to have a mother who was able to stay home and devote her full attention & time to her children.  (As someone who has studied in the mental health field, I think this has a HUGE impact on how all three of us turned out!  In a GOOD way!)  While at the time we wished our mom would have been less involved so we could get away with certain things like most of our friends did, I am beyond thankful now she wasn’t & instead was always present to help educate, support, & guide us when we needed her & most times, when we didn’t even know we needed her. Image

For all the love, inspiration, advice & “I told you so’s” she has given me throughout my twenty-five years of life, I am a better person & have so many cherished memories to attribute to my mom.  Even though Mother’s Day is the one day of the calendar year designated to recognize mothers, now that I have moved away from home I have also learned not to take them for granted & let them know how much they mean to you throughout the entire year.  Thank you Mom—for everything you have done & continue to do for me.  I am beyond grateful to call you, my mother.  A title that possesses so much responsibility (& scares the crap out of me to ever bear!) but you have truly exceeded the expectation & know that I love you forever.



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