Aaaanndd Now I’m Broke

Probably wasn’t the best strategy to wait until the end of the month to purchase my flight to Miami for next month’s bachelorette party…or purchase the flight on the same day as my student loan payment for that matter. Oh well! What’s a true “first year of marriage” without being poor & struggling financially?!?

Next month will be loaded with travel & I am beyond excited! First three weekends in June I will be traveling to two different states for some baseball watching/supporting, get together with friends, & then my bachelorette party in MIAMI!! Then two weeks later, Carl & I will be off to spend a week in Jamaica to get married! Once we return, we will be pinching pennies & potentially starving at times until our trip back to NYC in November to tackle the marathon once more.

It may be stressful at times & suck when we can’t do/buy everything we want, but having the opportunity to travel with friends, get married in the Caribbean, & visit my most favorite city in the world while (hopefully!) checking off something from my bucket list all in the same calendar year, I know how truly fortunate I am.

Since I have been slacking on the updating, I find pictures say more than words. Enjoy.

work shower

work shower mom

My sweet co-workers threw me a bridal shower which I was fortunate for my mom to attend & visit for the weekend.

Photo May 22, 9 10 57 PM

Finished my brooch bouquet!

Photo May 23, 7 09 55 PM

Stopped to admire how huge magnolias grow down here in the south during an evening walk through campus with Lola.

Photo May 24, 10 59 26 AM

I have recently been inflicted with a green thumb. My dad planted me some tomato plants when he & the fam were visiting 2 weeks ago. Then I decided I needed a lemon tree to go with. I would love to have a full self-sustaining garden one day.

Photo May 24, 4 21 33 PM

Beautiful memorial set up in town for Memorial Day. Was stopped at this red light on Friday & made me think of my papaw.

Photo May 25, 11 02 33 AM

Gonna be a hot one this week. Further motivation to rise early & knockout my daily runs before the heat takes over.

Photo May 25, 11 08 10 AM

Some serious sunbathing was done this past holiday weekend by this lovely lady.

Photo May 27, 10 49 19 AM

Carl’s baseball team in the university’s new basketball arena watching the NCAA Regional Selection yesterday. They are heading to Tallahassee to take on the University of Alabama this weekend!

Photo May 28, 10 27 49 AM

And because it’s tough to go back to work after a long weekend, I pulled inspiration for today’s outfit from one of my favorite jewelry pieces I inherited from my grandmother 🙂


5 thoughts on “Aaaanndd Now I’m Broke

  1. Adorable pup picture.
    Money is overrated. Nice. But it can’t really buy happiness–which is so much more important!

  2. As long as you’re spending money on stuff/travel that you’ll cherish for a lifetime, I think its money well spent. I’d rather be able to travel a lot and not have a lot of money in the bank than spend that money on a lot of things that are useless and overrated. And I love that pearl “tie”!

    • Believe me if I had more money, it would DEFINITELY be spent on traveling somewhere first!! Thanks! That pearl tie was actually my grandmother’s. She was pretty ahead of her game with fashion, huh? 🙂

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