After turning off my iHome alarm on my nightstand this morning, I noticed the date beneath the time. June 3. Holy crap. Hard to believe it’s June already. But I am eager because it is a month filled with much excitement!

Friday after work, I made the trip to the nearby city to the jeweler’s where Carl & I ordered our wedding bands. (They had been in for a little over 2 weeks, but carrying on my woes from my last post, I had to wait until my next paycheck to be able to pick them up & pay the remaining balance).

Photo May 31, 5 32 41 PM Photo May 31, 5 34 21 PM

Carl’s ring is pretty standard, but I like it—as does he. But mine I am absolutely in love with. By itself it is pretty, but paired with my engagement ring…stunning. I didn’t want to take it off after I tried it on at the jewelry store! What really made my day (& brought a huge smile to my face) was when I walked out of the store & Bob Seger’s Against the Wind was playing over the nearby speakers in the shopping center. I have a slight obsession with Bob so hearing this after purchasing our wedding bands made my heart content.

Photo Jun 01, 9 46 04 AM

Saturday morning Lola & I hit the road to Tallahassee to watch Carl & his team compete in the next round of the NCAA tournament. It was a huge crowd so it was a fun experience to be a part of.

Photo Jun 01, 7 00 51 PM

All the excitement from the games wore little miss out.

Photo Jun 02, 9 04 53 AM

The team stayed Sunday to play back-to-back games, but I had to come back home because I had Lola with me & couldn’t stay another night in town because of having to come back to work today.

I was productive upon returning home in completing the last touches on my bouquet.

Photo Jun 02, 5 53 34 PM Photo Jun 02, 5 53 47 PM

The crafty-ness was in full effect so I updated our front door wreath. Celebrating our wedding month with my new initial my sis gave me for Christmas!

Photo Jun 02, 8 22 55 PM

Many loads of laundry & cleaning spree later, it was time to get cleaned up & hit the hay to prep for another week back at work.

Photo Jun 02, 8 38 10 PM

Happy Monday!


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