Weekends & Wedding

My apologies for the 5-week hiatus, but following my last post things kicked into high gear. The second weekend in June I traveled to Savannah, GA to visit one of my best friends from college to take part in her surprise birthday celebration her husband had contacted me about a few weeks earlier. Another college bestie was in on the surprise & made the trip to celebrate along with many new friends. gals

kass dinner crab shack  We had so much fun together. Just like old times!

Third weekend in June (13-16) was my bachelorette party in MIAMI!! Getting there & back was kind of a nightmare due to weather & delayed flights (NEVER traveling Spirit Air again) but I made it & my bestie from college & my big sis & I had an awesome time together in style at the Fountain Bleu.

IMG_0475 IMG_0472 IMG_0483 IMG_0497 IMG_0490

This place was amaze-balls. I had never been to Miami before, let alone a swanky resort, so I was in awe for the first twenty-four hours—being surrounded by such hoity-toity people & the money down there?!? Holy moly. Felt so out of place, but I got into the groove of things by Saturday.

Then, finally, the last weekend in June the time had come! Carl & I left for Jamaica June 27th bright & early & arrived to spend the following 7 days in absolute paradise.

IMG_0580 IMG_0527 IMG_0518 IMG_0529 2908170 (2)

We were married on Saturday, June 29th on the shore of Montego Bay & it was wonderful. However, it wasn’t “perfect” as many brides describe their wedding day, but I would not have changed a single thing. “Perfect” is not in mine & Carl’s vocabulary. (If you need a refresher, please refer to our engagement story). We decided to move the ceremony time up from 4:00pm to 11:00am to beat the potential rain showers that were being forecasted as well as attempting to beat the afternoon heat. We lucked out & the weather cooperated for the ceremony (however, we had to take at least a minute & a half pause during our vows due to a plane taking off at the nearby airport! We just laughed it off because that is so our luck!)

Once we walked down the beach to the nearby gazebo area to have our first dance, the skies opened up on us! It poured down on us as we finished our first dance as Mr. & Mrs. & we loved every second of it! We were covered to enjoy our cake cutting & champagne, but then we braved the weather once more to get some video shots around the grounds while it continued to rain. We finished with the heaviest of downpours on the beach & ran together into the ocean! Walking back to our room passing people, sopping wet in our wedding attire, everyone told us it is good luck for it to rain on your wedding day—I couldn’t agree more. (It also helps when they refer to it as “liquid sunshine” in Jamaica).


No one ever wants it to rain on your wedding day, & some people would be upset & disappointed. But knowing the journey Carl & I have been through together up to this point & the many obstacles we have been faced with & overcame, I welcomed the “liquid sunshine” on our special day because it was just “so us.” My mom described it perfectly (via Facebook message as that was our only means of communication outside the states), “all our loved ones up there just thought you both needed to be blessed with some holy water to christen the ceremony!!! They were all sending their approval!!”

Couldn’t have said it any better!

IMG_0558IMG_0560IMG_05792908197 (2)

We spent our remaining days indulging in everything our resort had to offer & honestly had the time of our lives. So much fun was had together as well as some serious relaxation that was long overdue for Carl especially. I am so happy we were able to have the wedding we truly wanted & have absolute zero regrets. I did come home with serious sun poisoning on my bottom lip (which I am still battling!) but it in no way inhibited the trip since I woke up the day we were leaving with a blistered lip swollen to 3 times its normal size. Again, just our luck.


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