Welcome, Fall!

It’s amazing how the slightest change in weather conditions can affect your running. This past weekend was the first time we had started to feel “the change” in weather & it actually felt like fall! I walked out the door on Sunday shortly before 7 a.m. to a comfortable 57 degrees with a slight cool breeze—PERFECT for the scheduled 17 mile run.

This run felt amazing the. entire. time. I had to keep checking my pace throughout the first 10-12 miles & making myself slow down because I was pumping out 9:20-sub 10 minute miles continuously. My goal pace for race day is 10:30 min/mi. Surprisingly, my speediness at the beginning of my run never got the best of me because I eventually settled into a 10:20-10:32 min/mi for the last 3-5 miles & I finished strong—UP a hill! Even had energy post-run to do a few loads of laundry, take Lola outside to spend some time in the backyard playing, & even finished the day with a trip to Wal-Mart with the hubs. (Who am I?!?)

It was a complete 180 from last week’s 16 mile run which was brutal. I struggled through every single mile & walked more than I would like to admit. I was seriously discouraged after that run constantly stressing over “Am I going to be ready to tackle 26.2 in 6 weeks?” I was so sore last week too that I cramped up terribly during my 5 mile morning run last Tuesday. But I upped my H2O intake BIG time & I think that has worked wonders for my runs to be so much stronger this past week. So much so that I had to make a bathroom pit stop only 5.5 miles into my run yesterday because I was so hydrated!

I am very happy to be seeing the forecasted weather conditions for the upcoming week.

Photo Sep 30, 10 09 45 AM

Not quite as cool as I would love, but I’ll take it.  Cooler temps always aid in a strong run for me. Cheers to a wonderful (& busy) week ahead!


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