New Year News

Another year of holiday hustle-bustle has come & gone & we are beginning another new year. Super weird to be writing 2014 & I’m sure it will take me until at least mid-February to get it right. 2013 was an amazing year—probably the best year of my life thus far. Let’s recap:

-Blessed to have gotten together with my best buds from college more than once!

kass dinner wku4  970200_10200538968735585_2098329521_n

-Bachelorette party in Miami

IMG_0483 IMG_7328

-Got married!

305212 (2)

-Traveled outside the country for the first time (Jamaica)

-Celebrated my grandmother’s 80th birthday at home with family & friends

-Ran my first marathon (NYC)

Photo Nov 02, 7 57 35 PM

And so much more. Definitely feeling fortunate & thankful for every opportunity I was privileged with this past year.

2014 has been a different story however, right from the get go. On our way traveling home from KY to Bama January 2nd (the SECOND day of the new year), my car decides to just stop working 8 hours into our trip. Not only had we already traveled through rain then snow in KY, but my cars accelerator would no longer accelerate while driving along interstate 65. Luckily, there wasn’t any traffic around me at the time so I was able to pull onto the shoulder & Carl wasn’t too far behind me to stop & bail me out of my deadzo ride. Thank God for AAA; towed my car to a nearby garage to access the damage. Two hours, a new fuel pump & filter, & $600 later, we were headed back on our way.

Once we finally got back to our house in Bama, the next day—a Friday, mind you—our heat decides to quit working. Oh, and there’s this little thing I’m not sure if you’ve heard about affecting over half the United States lately called a “deep freeze”…Yeah. PERFECT timing. Not to mention our landlord was out of town & didn’t have any one available to come out to our house to fix it. So here we are, the 8th day of the new year & our fifth day without heat. Fabulous start to 2014. Something about even numbered years that just do not go my way.

But I’m trying to be more positive. I’m not big on making new year’s resolutions—mostly because I think change & striving to better yourself should be continuous throughout one’s lifespan & not just reflected upon once a year—but with the start that I have had so far this year, I’m trying to be more positive. My husband will be the first to agree with this resolution & tell you I am probably not the most optimistic person. I know that, I accept that & I am agreeing to work on this.

Instead of focusing on the negative of my car breaking down, I am thankful that, A) I wasn’t injured in any way, B) my husband was traveling with me, and C) I was able to spend 2 more hours together with my husband while we waited on my car to be fixed.

Instead of focusing on my irritation with my landlord/freezing temperatures/how high my electric bill is probably going to be from using emergency heat + space heaters for the past 5 days; I have even more of an excuse to cuddle with my sweet little fur child who I am beyond lucky to come home to everyday. As far as finances go, worrying fixes nothing & I can only deal with what I am given one day at a time.

Thankfully, things are supposed to start warming up tomorrow & even temps in the low 70’s by the weekend. Rainy, but warm—I’ll take it. (See what I did there? Already looking to the positive!)

Here are some snapshots from my holiday break. Enjoy & Happy New Year!

Photo Nov 27, 8 42 47 AM


Photo Nov 23, 4 59 45 PM


Photo Dec 15, 12 02 51 PM                         Photo Dec 15, 6 57 14 PM

Photo Dec 18, 4 13 02 PMPhoto Dec 21, 12 55 48 AM


Do you set any New Year resolutions? If so, what?

What are you thankful for from the year 2013?

How are you staying warm??


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