Can we just talk for a minute about how awesome Pinterest is??  I may have a slight addiction to this online vision board hub.  I have self-diagnosed myself with a mild case of OCD & Pinterest is definitely my drug of choice when it comes to getting a fix—especially in the cleaning/organizing department.  Wowzers.

Thanks to MANY ideas I’ve come across through Pinterest, I’ve been in complete overhaul mode on many areas of my home; the kitchen being the main victim of my outlet.  It’s where we first walk into our home everyday (we use our side door versus our front door because our driveway is closer) so you want a certain “look” or “feeling” when you arrive home from a long day of work. <–That’s not just me, right?

For months now I have been seeing various types of pins with a common idea executed in a multitude of fabulous ways:  a coffee bar.  One in particular that caught my eye (& heart a lil’ bit) was this utilization of a shelf from, where else, Hobby Lobby.


How awesome is that?!?  I LOVE the concept of having a separate designated area/bar for coffee/tea!  Like having your own little coffee shop in your own home.  My first attempt at tracking down this beauty of a shelf was a bust.  They didn’t have it in our closest local store & they were sold out online.  But Hobby Lobby website is so smart they let you sign up to be notified via email when a certain item is back in stock.  How clever!  A short week & a half later I opened my inbox to a glorious message informing me of a restock in my obsession coveted shelf.  Hobby Lobby was also having a 40% off sale so I snagged that puppy in my cart & checked out ASAP!  I purchased it on Tuesday of last week & it was on my doorstep by Friday.  This was my first dealings with Hobby Lobby online shopping, so big ups to them on their shipping rates & delivery time.  Mucho satisfied customer.

You may remember a couple months back when I attempted my first furniture re-do with chalk paint on a free bookshelf from work to add more storage in my kitchen—I thought this would make the perfect spot for my new in-home coffee bar!



I LOVE IT!!  The shelf itself was super easy to install lightweight but also heavy duty enough to uphold the mugs/other coffee necessities.  Voila.  Moving all the coffee/tea accessories, grounds, mugs, etc. freed up TWO cabinets (they were small, but still!) & some room on a shelf in the pantry for other goods.  Now all our caffeine needs are in one place & easy to access.

Now, what should my next home improvement project be?  Oh, the possibilities with Pinsperation!


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