Life is Good.

You know those moments when you have to check your calendar months in advance to plan anything?  But it’s good kind of plans—plans that you are so excited for & look forward to over those next few months.  Plans that you probably don’t have the funds for but you’re going to make them happen anyway because, why not?!?…yeah, that’s where I’m at currently.

January & February were kinda ‘blah’ months all around; work, home, personal, & weather especially.  But now that this weekend begins a new month (one that includes our spring break) I am so ready & eager to meet some of the upcoming plans I have scheduled:

Saturday:  Running a local 5K (& seriously considering heading on down to the beach post-race for the weekend with my baby girl)

ImageSunday: THE OSCARS! Call me a nerd, but I love this awards show.  I love movies, period.  And yes, I will be following along with my awards printable ballot.

Image-During our spring break, I’ll be travelling to Savannah, GA to get together with one of my besties from college to celebrate St. Patty’s Day while attending one of the largest holiday celebrations/parades in the nation!

ImageApril: I get to go back to Savannah for a work conference & then meet up with my sister in Charleston, SC to run the Cooper River Bridge Run 10K


(Very reminiscent of another bridge I’ve ran!)

Easter:  I’m really considering actually going home for Easter this year.  I can’t remember the last time I was home for Easter, even when I was in college I don’t think I went home.  But lately every time I talk with my grandma on the phone, she is constantly asking me when I’ll be home again.  Living 700+ miles away from home makes it difficult to visit often but I also know not to take any time with family for granted.  Nan did just celebrate her 80th birthday & the realization that our celebrations are limited & not guaranteed are becoming more & more evident after the sudden loss of my grandpa in 2012 mere weeks after I last saw him.  As quickly as my calendar is filling up with future plans, I won’t have the time over the summer to make a trip home so this may be my only available time until Carl & I have to go home for his sister’s wedding in September.

May:  I’m planning something but I can’t quite share those details yet.

June:  My BFF from high school & I are in the midst of planning a girls weekend somewhere/sometime this month.

Anniversary/Birthday:  Carl has been planning on working in a location near NYC with his company around our anniversary so we can celebrate at the place where he popped the big question!  Then hopefully, travel down to SC for the remainder of the week to then celebrate my birthday & Independence Day.

ImageSo that gets me through the first week of July.  By August, classes start back up & summer is over :(so that’s usually a depressing time for me.  But I’m so excited to be given the opportunity for these travels & experiences.  Found a quote on-where else, Pinterest-that sums it up quite perfectly.



3 thoughts on “Life is Good.

  1. Looks like you have quite the busy schedule to keep up with! Always fun to have new adventures on the horizon. I’m not sure what your plans are for when you and your sister run the bridge here in Charleston, but if you’d like to get together for a coffee (or wine!) let me know. Either way, I know you’ll have a blast here!

      • Well I’ve never done the “official” bridge run, but I do get together with a group and run it once a week! Feel free to email me ( and hopefully we can plan something!

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