Derby Daze

Last weekend I was fortunate enough to have attended the 140th Kentucky Derby!  My wonderful parents & I planned together to surprise my sister with this trip for her 30th birthday celebration.  Once we locked in on a package deal attending both Oaks on Friday & Derby on Saturday within a suite, my folks were gracious enough to foot the bill for my ticket as well—even though my birthday isn’t until July, it was a wonderful gift!

Photo May 02, 1 41 49 PM

Kate & myself at Oaks.

Photo May 02, 1 52 12 PM

Lillies for the Fillies!

Photo May 02, 5 25 16 PM

Twin Spires at Churchill Downs

Photo May 02, 9 28 51 PM

Big ol’ hats.

Photo May 03, 11 01 40 AM

Off to the races!

Photo May 03, 3 57 13 PM

The new big screen!

Photo May 03, 1 11 34 PM

Photo May 03, 1 02 40 PM

My first mint julep!

Photo Apr 30, 5 24 19 PM Photo Apr 30, 5 30 34 PM

(Outfit planning)

The hats, the juleps, the betting, the tradition—EVERYTHING about this place was amazing.  A serious lifetime experience.  Attending this race instilled in me such pride about my home state & really made me miss Kentucky!  I even teared up a bit during the singing of My Old Kentucky Home!  If you ever get the opportunity to go, do it!  It is unbelievable & highly recommended.


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