I’m A Believer

First off, I decided by day 2 of the 15 day reboot that I jumped off into the deep end & forgot my floaties.  The purpose of the 15 days was for the first 5 days to ease into juicing by eating only raw foods & two juices a day, then only juicing for the 10 days.  Well, I’m the type of person who loves fruits & vegetables, but when I have to eat them a certain way according to a diet/meal plan, for some odd reason my taste buds turn on me & within my second or third bite of a kale salad loaded with veggies, my brain says ‘ew.’  So after Saturday & Sunday of doing this, I decided to back it down to the 3 day reboot of juicing, since it was my first attempt at juice fasting.

Day 1 went well.  The juices did not taste like I was dreading, they were actually good!  I felt a little more tired than usual, almost like the last day when you’re recooping from the flu but not sickly, just weak I suppose.  I remember walking down the hallway at work to the restroom & feeling like I was in a fog.  I surprisingly never felt hangry like I also worried about.  In fact, Monday afternoon around 2:30-3 o’clock I was hunting for a snack at work but when I made myself stop looking & instead drink water I realized I wasn’t even hungry-it was a habit.  A bad one that I have now broken myself of.

Photo May 19, 5 30 19 PM Photo May 19, 5 36 15 PM

Day 2 was also easier than expected.  I started to notice how I would look forward to my next juice throughout the day.  As soon as it hits your tongue you seriously feel this feeling of nourishment & you find yourself chugging the juice to get all those yummy nutrients into your body as fast as possible.  Again, it wasn’t downing the juice as quickly as possible because it tasted so good/bad, but because it felt so good.  I still felt slightly tired/groggy, but a noticeable improvement from the first day.

Photo May 20, 3 42 59 PM(My first encounter with beets!)

Day 3 I was kind of sad to be my last day.  I thought it would so much harder & quite honestly miserable drinking nothing but juice for 3 days straight (& no coffee for 5 days!) but it was surprisingly easy.  I’m all about ease when it comes to a nutrition plan-probably why I can never stick to one in the first place & why we as a nation go for what’s easy & readily available—aka, fast food/processed/packaged foods.  But with juicing, you just throw all the veggies/fruits together & bam.  You drink it.  How much simpler can it get?

Photo May 21, 3 21 15 PM(Pineapple, lemon, ginger & yellow bell pepper.  Surprisingly sweet & delish!)

And the benefits? First off, my nails have grown like crazy and are so strong it’s crazy.  And I’ve always struggled with weak, peeling nails.  I craved water.  I am & have been a strict water-only drinker since I was a freshman in high school, but even a week ago I still struggled to drink 60+ ounces a day.  During my reboot, I drank above & beyond 60 ounces a day & it wasn’t forced.  I was craving water but still never felt thirsty or dehydrated.  Lastly, I lost 4 inches off my stomach alone.  This was just a bonus.  I did not attempt this reboot to lose weight initially, just to become healthy & “reboot.”  I wish I had taken a before picture & measurements all over to compare but my jeans are falling off me—and just from 3 days of juice!  Never expected this.

Photo May 21, 8 30 36 PMPhoto May 22, 11 39 02 AMPhoto May 22, 8 14 34 AM  This morning however, I woke up craving a green smoothie.  So I threw together some spinach, banana, mango & almond milk into my blender for quick & healthy start to my morning.  I did however cave into my coffee addiction—BUT, it didn’t taste as amazing to me & I couldn’t finish my one cup.  (So maybe it doesn’t take coffee everyday to function)

Thanks to my 3 day reboot, I feel great inside & out.  Purchasing my juicer & taking the (little time) to disciple myself to the regimen of the reboot was the best decision I’ve made.  It was a great start to learning about the power of something as simple as fruits & vegetables.  Also has me looking into a vegan diet.  (No meat, cheese, dairy products, or animal byproducts)  A lot of what I was already eating was vegan, just have to make slight changes & there’s surprisingly many products readily available to me as a consumer, even at Wal-Mart.

Cheers to a healthier lifestyle change!

Photo May 22, 5 28 00 PM


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