I don’t know what it is lately, but I’ve got a bad case of “restlessness.”  Last weekend, I completely switched our office & guest room.  Cleared out the junk, & physically moved every piece of furniture from one room to the other.  I’ve never been really pleased with either room as a final product (only been that way for 3 years now!) so I finally had the drive to make the switch–and I am loving the 2 new looks!

We recently purchased a full sized bed for our guestroom (again, 3 years…) and it fits so much better in the old office.  The hand-me-down bedding my sister graciously gave me even matches the decor in it’s new location perfectly.  And by total accident!

I’ve always wanted a “creative space” where I can sew, craft, surf the web, pay the bills, & maybe even workout–a “me space” if you will.  Guys get man caves so why can’t us ladies have “craft corners?”  With my bookcase and desk now moved together into a larger room, the concept of somehow combining them into a corner unit of utilization was next on my to-do list.  I’ve had my bookcase since elementary school and it is not high quality furniture, but it is in great condition still.  My desk is also not high end but a sturdy piece and good size/work space.  So how do I combine these two separate pieces into a set??  Chalk paint!

Here’s where I’m getting some of my inspiration:

White Chalk painted desk with stained top for my kids!  Sanded the whole top down, stained it, painted the bottom and kept the original hardware. Instead of annie sloane wax, I used minwax finishing paste.  Love the effect!

I love the dark stained top contrasting with the stark white!

DIY Bedroom Makeovers For Apartments

Green isn’t in my color scheme, but I dig the back of a bookcase being a print…thinking either gold or gray/white pattern contact paper.

Dress Your Desk | Casa & Company by Sabrina Soto

Gold accents are really catching my eye right now too.

Google Image Result for


Oh my!!!! I  feel like I need this on my desk - gold office accessories

Gold Foil Chevron Pencils, Set of 6. Be warned: with such adorable patterns, you should watch out for poaching coworkers!

LOVE THE GOLD! SOLD Curvy Gold Dipped Dresser SOLD by HayleonVintage on Etsy, $850.00

Also going to try painting the trim of the white desk gold.  Love the look.

If these looks don’t inspire you to get creative, I don’t know what will! Simply searching “gold office” on Pinterest results in a TON of inspiring looks and great tips.  I’m so excited to get this look all tied together & get to crafting–mainly sewing.

I sanded all of my furniture on Sunday & just finished up with the second coat of chalk paint yesterday.  Hoping to wax it today, but still have to stain the top of the desk, trim it in gold, and decide on a “backsplash” for the bookcase.  I also haven’t settled on an accent color to go  with my gold and white scheme yet.  Thinking either navy or an aqua blue.  The walls in the creative space is a light yellow.  Hmmm….



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