Taking Stock 02


Making: strides in completing my furniture re-do & room swap
Cooking: lots of yummy vegan recipes that are surprisingly some of the best food I’ve ever tasted
Drinking: water with fresh lemon or lime slices
Reading: way too many of those online quizzes…I just completed “What is your hippie name?” (it’s Flower) 🙂
Wanting: to chop my hair again
Looking: into the possibility of another fall marathon
Playing: with my current wardrobe, coming up with new outfits/combinations to keep me from shopping
Wasting: nothing–or learning not to.
Wishing: my husband knew something definite about his future job opportunities he is currently pursuing
Enjoying: binge re-watching the first season of Orange Is the New Black with my guy so we can watch season 2 together
Waiting: for lunch to get here.  Running the mornings now has really revved up my appetite (& hopefully my metabolism)
Liking: the boho looks & rompers/jumpsuits that are popular for the summer. 70’s was the best era.
Wondering: what I will pack for NYC in two weeks!
Loving: the hot days & afternoon rain showers
Hoping: my dad has a wonderful Father’s Day even though all us kids are moved away now
Marveling: at the HUGE hydrangea blooms around campus
Needing: more time in a day to feel like I actually get stuff done
Smelling: Lola’s fur when she snuggles my face
Wearing: a button up & linen (my fave!) pencil skirt on a Friday because I had a meeting
Noticing: with age, the importance of moisturizing & SPF
Knowing: I shouldn’t stress over things I can’t help
Thinking: about what I am going to accomplish this weekend
Bookmarking: actual page corners in books.  I love how much I want to read in the summer.
Opening: the pantry door less & less for snacks because there is nothing in there vegan friendly
Giggling: at the television show The Middle that I have recently discovered.  (It’s been on for 5 seasons already & I’m just catching it.  It’s hilarious)
Feeling: happy & thankful it’s Friday!


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