Vegan Recipes Review

I found the most scrumptious vegan-friendly recipe that I attempted Friday evening. I came across this recipe via Pinterest which led me to this adorable little site.
This recipe was a little more time consuming than I normally prefer for a weekday meal, but getting to leave work an hour early on Friday I knew it was the perfect time to give it a try.

ImageThese were PHENOMONAL! So yummy & hearty. Just like the comfort of one of my past all time faves—chicken pot pie—without the guilt of meat! The fella’ even devoured 5 of these little pies!
Yesterday evening, I made my first vegan gumbo for dinner. Again, I found the recipe through the wonderful webs of Pinterest.
This is seriously the best vegan recipe I’ve made to date. Super simple and talk about filling! I enlisted the help of Carl to chop all the ingredients while I peeled the 2 potatoes & started heating the oil & flour in the pot. So all that was left was to throw it all together & simmer for 45 minutes. Can’t get much simpler than that! I served it over a bed of brown rice & my belly was so happy.

Gluten-Free-GumboHighly recommend both of these recipes, vegan or not!


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