Anniversary #1

Carl & I had never celebrated our dating anniversary. One, because we just aren’t those lame showy-lovey-dovey couples and two, honestly we aren’t 100 percent sure when we started dating…don’t ask. I’ll just put it this way, he asked me out twice.

Anyway, after dating for 8 years & then getting married (after I said I never would) we figured it was a life event that needed celebrated. We joked that we needed to celebrate we didn’t kill each other for a whole year. (We’re weirdos, I know-but that’s why we work together).

Since the traditional first year wedding anniversary gift is paper & so much of our lives revolve around baseball we settled on tickets to a Yankees game! In New York!! Versus the Red Sox!!! yankees-vs-red-sox-rivalry

Friday evening after we arrived in NYC, we booked it onto the subway to ride it all the way out to Coney Island in Brooklyn. We grabbed an authentic Brooklyn pizza from Totonno’s to devour while sitting on the boardwalk. We then rode the famous Wonder Wheel to get an amazing view of all of Coney Island while we waited for the fireworks to begin at 9:30.

20140627_IMG_0132 20140627_IMG_0129 20140627_IMG_0126 PhotoJun2784548PM_thumb.jpg Photo Jun 27, 6 59 07 PM (1)

FYI, fireworks are something that I absolutely love & think are so special & somewhat magical. I suppose this can be attributed to my pyro-father & also Disney movies (seemed like all magic moments were topped off with fireworks in Disney movies). The fireworks display was amazing! There we were, back in my all-time favorite place in the world with my favorite person. Of course, we had to hit up Nathan’s for a famous hot dog before we headed back into the city. Soooo good btw.

Saturday morning we again ventured out to Brooklyn to finally walk the Brooklyn Bridge. We had done all the touristy Manhattan stuff the previous two trips we had taken so I was ready to venture out a bit & experience more of New York. Brooklyn might be my new favorite spot. It’s a way less hectic but still large enough (& close enough to the action) to discover something new around each corner. No wonder this bridge is so iconic. It’s beautiful. A true exquisite piece of architecture.

20140628_IMG_0141 20140628_IMG_014320140628_IMG_0155

Next, we hit up the Shake Shack for lunch. Yes I ate meat (no chicken), cheese, & dairy this trip. Shake Shack’s beef is 100% Angus, no antibiotics/hormones. Believe me, you can so taste a difference. Even Carl (a serious meat eater) said it was the best burger he’s ever had.

Photo Jun 28, 12 22 10 PM

For dessert we took a subway to the upper west side to try some of Magnolia’s Bakery famous banana pudding—my favorite dessert. It was amazing.

While we were up there, across the street was Central Park so of course we had to take a stroll by Bow Bridge to settle our full bellies. So pretty.

20140628_IMG_0181 20140628_IMG_0187

Last stop of the day was Carl’s favorite part—the Bronx for the Yankees game! This entire venture, from subway ride out of Manhattan to subway ride back was unbelievable. You talk about crowds. But again, this is the only place where I love it!


Photo Jun 28, 5 24 56 PM (1)

Derek Jeter!20140628_IMG_0191 20140628_IMG_0199

Sunday was our anniversary & we headed out for brunch at The Standard Grill in Chelsea/Meatpacking district. There was a pride parade going on down 5th avenue right beside our hotel that morning. En route to brunch, we watched as we walked along. To our total surprise, Sophia (Vivian Cox) from OITNB was riding in a convertible waving to the crowd! Carl & I were total nerds about our sighting of the bombshell.

The star sighting weren’t over. As soon as we walked into our brunch spot, Aisha Tyler was standing at the hostess stand right in front of me.

Photo Jun 29, 12 00 39 PM (1) I geeked out turning to Carl telling him who she is while trying to act cool. I remember thinking how unfair pretty she is when I was an avid Friends watching back in the early 2000’s when she played Ross’ girlfriend. She’s had an amazing comedy career, most recently I love her work as the voice of Launa on FX’s animated Archer series that my brother introduce me to a few years ago. If you’ve not watched this show, it’s on Netflix & it’s hysterical. Go watch it.

Brunch was fabulous. I had the shrimp & grits served with poached eggs, Andouille, tomato & scallion while Carl tried the brisket & fried egg sandwich & was also impressed with how yummy it was. We then walked down to check out & relax on the High Line. The High Line is a 1-mile New York City linear park built on a 1.45-mile section of the elevated former New York Central Railroad spur called the West Side Line, which runs along the lower west side of Manhattan; it has been redesigned and planted as an aerial greenway. Such a neat & pretty place to take it easy.

We moseyed around all over the place for the remainder of the afternoon stopping in for some froyo at some point & grabbing a bite at Greeley Square where Urban Space was putting on Broadway Bites; a market that brings together New York City’s most popular chefs, small culinary businesses and artisan producers, setting them up with outdoor kitchens in the heart of Midtown. On the same block as our hotel. We had some empanadas & cannolis as our mid-afternoon snack before meeting up with some friends for dinner.


To top off our anniversary, we visited a speakeasy in the Flat Iron district. This was my husband’s idea. I honestly had no clue what a speakeasy was so I did a little research & found a winner. The Raines Law Room. Just check out the website & see how vintage & neat it is. Was even more impressive in person. We had two cocktails (was a bit pricey, but worth it) & headed out to call it a night.

I so wasn’t ready to leave the next morning, but I remember last minute I was heading back to South Carolina to spend the remainder of the week with my momma. That made it a little easier.

Throughout that week much fun & relaxing down time was had. Some highlights:

– Able to spend two days as an only child with both my mom & dad

– Celebrated birthday number 27

– Watched another minor league baseball game with the fella AND another fireworks show!

– Zip lining for the first time

– Shopping & happy hour with my momma while Carl golfed

And to top it all off, the night before Carl & I left we played Team Trivia with my mom at a local restaurant & WON. Team Trivia is a tradition in our household & something we have played several times only to walk away with good memories & newly discovered random facts, but this one time we came in first place & walked away with $75 house cash!

A wonderful, memorable, cherished 10 day summer vacay/anniversary/birthday for the books!


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