Sweet Summertime

Where has the month of June gone?? I feel like it has flown by. Mostly due to my university hosting the annual new student orientation throughout this month. Basically, making everyday groundhog’s day with the repetition & turnaround of the masses of students I’ve been advising. Tomorrow marks the LAST day of summer orientation & the start of 3 blissful weeks off work.  What makes that time off even sweet is having NOTHING planned other than next weekend…


Next week alone consists of mine & Carl’s 2nd wedding anniversary & my birthday.  The icing on the cake:  Carl & I will be joining my family in Indianapolis to see THE ROLLING STONES!!!! ON THE FOURTH OF JULY!!!!!!  The Stones followed by pyrotechnics–does life GET any better than that??!?  (I am beyond excited if you can’t tell)

Other than that, my summer plans consist of attempting to get a tan & enjoy time with Carl & the fam.  We have another family concert planned toward the end of July to see THE EAGLES in Lexington.  My parents took my sister & I to see them back in 2003 & had such an awesome time together–memories we still talk about today.  Every time I hear their songs on the radio I think of that concert.  This year, we get to make a new memory with my little bro & Carl!

I’m hoping Carl & I get to make a beach trip (not sure where) at some point in August before the semester starts back & we are back at work full time.  I’m just excited I get a summer break again!  First time in 4 years, I hope to make the most of it!  Cheers to a happy summer!


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