My heart is heavy today.  

You know those people you feel so fortunate to know?  The ones who make you think differently, change your perspective, enlighten, inspire, encourage, & just all around awesome human being.  I never met Kailen Combs Taylor, but I feel as if I knew her.  I came across Kailen & her journey through the Tone It Up online fitness community.  Kailen’s blog kept so many of us up to date on her fight, but mostly she shared her beautiful outlook & spirit with all of us.

Kailen lost her battle to stage 4 breast cancer Tuesday after 3 years of fighting & countless battles.  She was only 25 years old.

Being 28 myself, this made me think-What was I doing at 25?  What have I done in these 3 extra years Kailen didn’t get?

At 25 I trained for my first marathon, became engaged & married to my best friend.  I was forutunate enough to have a routine of going to work each day & coming home each evening to cook dinner.  Something I though was so mundane & took for granted now that I have heard Kailen say this was her ultimate wish; “boring.”

In the 3 years since:

-I’ve ran a marathon.

-I witnessed my best friend give birth to my Godson.

-I attended the 140th Kentucky Derby. (Kailen was a Kentuckian too)

-I moved 700+ miles closer to home.

-I’ve attended 4 music concerts (all with family, this year alone)

-I’ve had 3 more Christmas’ with friends & family.

I can’t imagine what Kailen’s family is going through right now. It seems they are carrying on with Kailen’s amazing outlook on life & her unbeatable spirit.

Take the time to do something good today.  Whether it’s donating to a cause, buying someone’s coffee, or smiling at everyone you encounter.

We all can make a difference.



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