Weekends are THE Best

You know those moments in your life that are so fulfilling & seriously warm your heart so much you think to yourself, I don’t deserve this much happiness?  This past weekend was definitely one of those moments.

It started off with my best friend driving 2 hours to come pick me up because my car had decided to stop working earlier in the week.  Why my BFF & not my parents who live in the same town as her?  My mom & I had planned a surprise birthday party for my dad on Saturday.  So yeah, that would throw a wrench in things.

I spent the evening with my BFF & her two kiddos.  Much fun was had.

The day of the party was a non-stop blur of finishing up decor, decorating the venue, making sure Dad was left out of the loop, & don’t even get me started on the balloon fiasco…

But we did it.  We had a great turn out of my parents’ friends, people that work with my dad, & family.  By the time my head hit the pillow late Saturday night I was O.U.T.


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