college green
 So I tried my hand at sewing over the weekend while we were snowed in after being dumped on with nearly 10 inches of snow–because what else do you on a snow day??

I am by no means a distinguished…sewist? seamstress?  sewer?  Whatever you want to call it.  However, I was very fortunate to have grown up knowing my great-grandmother who was a MASTER seamstress.  “Granny” as we called her, could make anything.  I’m serious.  She made my siblings and I countless matching outfits that were beautiful.  She could look at a picture–not a pattern, a picture–and whip it up and turn out amazing.

I’ll never forget one of mine and my sister’s Halloween costumes was a Snow White dress Granny had made and when I wore it, I truly felt like a princess.  The craftsmanship and attention to detail of her sewing was remarkable.  I can still remember how Granny placed laced over all the seams, so her creations were even beautiful inside-out.  Whenever we would spend time at Granny’s she would teach us some sort of skill: french-braiding, crocheting, knitting, sewing, or cooking.  Home-Ec had nothing on my Granny!  The very first thing I can remember sewing is a little purse.  Nothing complicated, just two square pieces of fabric with a handle.  But Granny taught me how and helped me make and decorate it.  I remember feeling such pride when I finished it too.  I felt that same pride this weekend when I tackled and finished my first dress sewn from a pattern.

I’ve made pillows throughout college and even most recently upon arriving at our new apartment to match our new “grown up” decor but pillows are easy peasy.

  I’ve even reupholstered a small vanity bench (below). But the thought of making a garment of clothing that wouldn’t fall apart at the seams seemed so daunting to me.  But I figured they’ve been making sewing patterns for a long time and they must work so why not give one a try. img_6902

I bought Simplicity #6145 a couple months back as a “one day” project.  Being snowed-in and confined to a small space with my husband and 2 dogs, sitting on the couch purging Netflix was nice for the first few hours.  2:00PM rolled around that feeling of, “now what?” hit and I figured no time like the present to tackle my first pattern!

I went with dress C as it is currently winter and that collar just felt so Mad Men inspired!  I chose an olive green herringbone print wool with a plaid flannel contrasting collar.  I must admit, I am pleased with how it turned out but next time I will use all the same fabric as the example dress shows.

This was true to it’s labeling as it was fairly easy.  Even with it being my first time installing an invisible zipper and interfacing!  I love that you can get so many looks out of ONE pattern.  Those sleeveless and cap-sleeve shifts I’m LOVING and inspire me to recreate dresses in prints similar to Lilly.

I’m already blowing up my sewing Pinterest board with inspirations to tackle in the future.  Even better?  You can find soooooo many patterns on Amazon Prime!!!!  I’ve already created a wish list!  I’m loving this one and this one as my summer inspirations and when I feel brave enough to venture outside of dresses, this one.

I’m totally addicted and can’t wait to tackle my next sewing project!


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